31 October 2012


Well, Malifaux didn't really work out in Charlotte - I went by the game store but the players were there for D&D. Ha! I did hang out and chat with some of the folks for a couple hours - nice people and a good shop - Games HQ. Malifaux looks neat but since all my scenery is 15mm scale or smaller, I have no business getting involved with bigger scale games.

I haven't done jack as far as painting lately, unless you count a coat of paint on "Monster Island." I'm going to turn a pink insulation foam hill into a terrain piece for Mighty Monsters - a Godzilla-type game. I ordered some PicoArmor tanks, helos, APCs and stuff for use with it too.

I installed Windows 8 on my home PC last evening. The upgrade process worked flawlessly - I was rather impressed. The performance boost is nice. It'll take a week or two to get used to the UI but it isn't as bad as the nay-sayers in the press would have you believe.

Happy Halloween! We're dressing up as Scully, Mulder and two aliens this evening.

21 October 2012

A Murder!

Well, this certainly falls into the "and stuff" department. Saturday evening we did a "How to Host A Murder!" I bought the kit "An Affair to Dismember" back in June and sent out invites in July, so this had been planned for a while now. Two of the invitees, a married couple "forgot" the date, so I - originally just going to buttle and chef - ended up playing one of the parts and I called my mom to fill in the remaining female role. Ain't moms wonderful? It's been 20+ years for me and mum since we played one of these so we were all novices and things went a tad roughly to begin. After 30 minutes or so, once the booze had time to soak in, we were all chatting it up hurling accusations and questions back and forth. It was an absolute blast. We will definitely be doing this again. And now for the pictures...

My wife as Angela Deth, DDS

Ziggy and Randal as Hannibal Lecter and Asthmadeus, Prince of Dimness

Jami as Lizzie Bordeaux

Mum, as Aretha Garlique a Gypsy, Shelley as Glumda the Witch and me in the back as Balihi, the Rogers and Hammerstein Monster (out of dress since I was only supposed to be hosting).

Poring over our dinner and round three instructions.

Dennis as Aldrinktotat the Mummy holding a candle for my mom so she can read.

Quite the coven

I'm out of town in Charlotte, North Carolina this week at a Citrix training class for work. I found a game store up here that's has Malifaux running on Wednesday evening so I may swing by and check that out.

Be well!

17 October 2012

Dystopian Wars

Well, it certainly has been a week of getting things done! I knocked out the EoBS tanks and bombards that have been  75% done for about 3 months.

Some pics...

My Japanese stuff is very shiny and metallic - just the way I like it. Maybe I'll actually drag these guys out and play a game of DW one of these days.

16 October 2012

Shipwreck Planes

Those 1/600 planes I was working on got finished up this evening. I was waiting on the bases which arrived yesterday.

Here are some pics of the finished products...

Some F/A-18 Hornets

A-6 Intruders

And oh so sexy MiG-23 Floggers

Can't wait to put 'em on the game table!

15 October 2012

The Texaco Station

I finally finished the Texaco station that I started on some months ago. It has been languishing on the "to do pile" begging to be completed and the game of moon-men versus army-men Saturday was just the inspiration I needed. I'll add some actual fuel pumps one of these days when I get around to making them.

This was the inspiration for the design:

It is mostly foam-core with the paper removed. The edges of the roof are balsa and the ladder and sign are plastic card. It should add a nice touch to next next game of Flying Lead.

13 October 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Junior and I took Flying Lead out for a spin this evening and had a quite enjoyable battle.

The scene: October 13, 1960 near the Chatham / Effingham county line north of Savannah. 4:00pm. The Georgia National Guard has been put on alert - something has been spooking old man Kessler's cattle for the last week or so and the FBI has reason to believe the problem is not of this world. Lieutenant Callahan is patrolling with a squad of weekend warriors when they come across something they never expected.

National Guard OOB:
2LT Callahan Q3C3 Pistol, Leader
Bazookaman  Q4C3 Bazooka
Loader Q4C2 Carbine
5 Riflemen Q4C2 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Grey Aliens OOB
Mul'der  Q3C3 Ray Pistol
2 Alien Riflemen  Q4C2 Raygun
6 Alien Troopers Q4C2 Ray Pistol

The layout. We're using the SOBH board I made for Gnomecon. It's 24x24. The aliens on the board are not where they will be starting.

A view down the creek.

My starting positions. Lots of rifles on my left and the bazooka "sniper" on the right. The bazooka was nothing special in this game with no vehicles. He is a better shot than the other guys though.

The invader's setup. They are all in the woods. The saucers are really just scenery but became important a bit later in the game.

Two Greys take up positions on my far right. One has overwatch on the bridge. 

The guard moves up. The bazookaman goes prone - indicated by the silver marker.

Riflemen take shots at targets across the river. Two hits!

We decided that the aliens could drag their wounded back to the saucers for first aid. Junior did just this. His trooper that crossed the road into the graveyard takes up overwatch on the bridge.

The lone alien rifleman (the other was wounded and currently being tended to) takes aim at PFC Jones.

Gene gets a neat little hole through his chest.

Another raygun blast hits home - Private Stephens is wounded badly.

"Bear" lines up a rocket at one of the scum on the bridge and knocks it out of action!

But the aliens are trying to make off with the body of Jones! What kind of monsters are these?

Lieutenant Ricky Callahan rushes forward with his .45 blazing, catching the alien square in the chest, sending it sprawling on the asphalt.

But the other alien rifleman forces Callahan to hit the deck.

Bear looses another rocket and blasts the vermin. Another one out-of-action!

But the honorless alien leader slowly stands and carefully lines up a shot, disintegrating Callahan. Bear, the Loader and one other rifleman, PVT James Simmons fled back. Clearly, more firepower was going to be necessary.

So, the Greys won, the out-and-out kill on my leader pretty well decided that. My guys were so close to my board edge that any flee result meant they were off the board. We both had a good time. Next time we'll add in the rules for vehicles and maybe add in the tank or jeep and the alien robot.

The Truth Is Out There

As it turns out, Greys are very easy to paint. I did up two squads of eight since Thursday. Here they are with their saucers and TOBOR.

Junior and I may give them a go later this evening in Flying Lead. We'll see how the day plays out.

11 October 2012

Polish Air Assault Battalion

After a very off and on week of painting, I got the Polish Air Assault guys done, along with their three transport helos. Here are the fruits of my labor.

The kit and kaboodle.

Three H&R Mi-8s. One is a different model Hip. The place I ordered from didn't have three of the same in stock and it didn't bother me much. Yes, I am quite aware that the late model didn't even exist in 1988. Still don't care.

A side view. One of these days I'll get some decals.

A battalion of the 6th Air Assault Division. I'll be able to field these as Veterans - apparently the 6th Division was remarkably well-trained and motivated.

Next up - the West German rifle battalion. Or maybe the space aliens...

Have a great weekend!

04 October 2012

In The Works

I've gotten the 1/600 planes painted this week. I'm still waiting on the folks at Litko to ship the bases. I love their stuff but dadgum do they take forever to ship an order. They give warweb a run for the title for sure!

I've also gotten going on some MSH infantry reinforcements for the Poles and Germans. I ordered 3 Mi-8s to transport to Polish Air Assault battalion too.
The Last Square is easily one of the best miniatures sources out there. http://www.lastsquare.com They have good prices and phenomenally fast shipping. I ordered these Monday. Arrived Thursday.

I was going to put some pictures of this stuff on the site but WIP pictures are never terribly interesting. Bare-metal = fun. Painted minis = fun. Primed and 40% done = don't we all have enough of this on our painting tables? Why am I looking at someone else's unfinished work?

I also may have ordered some Greys. I've let the spacemen project idle too long.

Gaming is going to be lean for a few weeks - we've got all sorts of family things going on - fall festivals, weddings, blah blah blah.

Until next time...