16 October 2016

Back to Normal

Hurricane Matthew is now a memory and it's on to normality for a little while here. I got a bit of painting done Saturday, finishing up a couple of Steampunk characters. The first is Master Queeg, a Malifaux model who I thought would make a fine "Indiana Jones" type. The other is just a neat Reaper Aquanaut who I thought would be an interesting addition to the collection.

A couple of weekends ago David came by to help playtest Rubber and Lead, my destructive car racing game. Junior also joined in the automotive mayhem.

David is a miserable driver. Here he is clipping Junior moments after the race started.

A bit later, Junior serves up a bit of revenge by dropping some mines right in front of Dave's truck. My yellow car had just been taken out by David's side-mounted flamethrower.

 Race 2. I drew the blue milk truck. Junior got Copper Top and ran away with it.

Witness more suspect driving by David, whipping right in front of my truck. His car took a ton of damage from the ensuing wreck. Junior won the race easily as David and I couldn't get out of our own ways.

Race 3. I drew the Jack O Lantern. David was in the convertible. Junior again schooled us. David tried to drive fancy and got me all hemmed up.

There was much oil on the track in race 3. It made for a very aggravating race for we in the back.

The R&L playtest was very successful and well-received. I'm extremely happy with the way it works and it will definitely get playtime at Gnomecon in March.

Last evening, Zig and David came over for a big game of X-Wing. We each used 120-point forces. I used Imperials, Ziggy the Rebels and David was the Scum and Villainy group.

Our deployments.

 The Imperials.

The Rebels.
And the Crooks.

We had quite a brawl for a couple of turns but my ships zipped and crashed stupidly. But then my Punisher got it's act together and dropped this beauty of a Seismic Charge, clipping itself and the entire Rebel group. Kath Scarlett and Boba Fett dueled in their Firesprays.

A second very-well placed Seismic Charge hits four more targets on the next turn. David and Ziggy were officially sick to death of my bombs. Kath finished off Boba Fett's Slave 1. Huzzah!

And a turn or two later, Valen Rudor snaps off the last couple of hit points from Dash Rendar's YT-2400. The Imperials score a major win, woohoo! I'm still in love with the TIE Punisher. It's "The bomb."

12 October 2016

Hurricane + Pictures!

Well, nearly 60 hours without power now. I'm at work approving timecards, etc. The power is back on here, so tomorrow will be a "normal" work day. I've taken a bucket of pictures over the last few days of the camp-out and wreckage. Enjoy!

Kids banging away on their computers while power was still good on Friday. This is in the employee breakroom at my office.

Junior and I did get in a game of X-wing Friday afternoon. The new ARC-170 is pretty sweet.

Our first walk-around in the morning. Still very windy with occasional rain.

A big pine down in our parking lot.

Camp Rekowski. I ran generator power into the breakroom to keep a laptop running, power phones, etc.

I took Junior and my father in law back to the house Saturday morning to check things out. Heartbreaking. We know these folks - life continually deals them bad hands - both the husband and wife had breast cancer at the same time, now this. Count your blessings, folks!

The road to my house is blocked. We went on foot.

Yup. That'll do it!

Reason 117 to rent. The landlord's gate was smashed. Our only damage.

As we were leaving, road crews arrived to clear the tree blocking the way. We gave them a big thank-you.

A power pole snapped in half.

And a tree snapped in half, the other direction.

Entertainment on Saturday night - sparklers.

Things are getting back to normal. We got our power back at 7:30PM Monday evening. Ziggy is still without, as is a lot of Savannah and the surrounding area. Hopefully this won't go on much longer.

09 October 2016

Post-Hurricane Post

I'm posting this from my office which has active internet and some generators.

Wow. We took a solid hit from Matthew as a category 2. The large building we stayed in shook, which is pretty scary at 2:30 in the morning. We journeyed back to our house yesterday morning and found it to be completely intact, thank Goodness. The power outages are widespread, to say the least, but we've got clean running water and enough food for 4-5 days, maybe longer depending on how we ration. Hopefully stores will re-open and re-stock within a day or two. Oh nice - I just saw a big grocery-store 18-wheeler drive by.

Be well out there. Hopefully the southeast coast will be able to return to normal very soon.

06 October 2016


I'm really getting tired of these damn things.

We're not evacuating. If it starts to look really scary, I'll run the family up to my office which is a big sturdy thing with a generator and we'll camp out until it blows over. Here's hoping it isn't too bad for us!

26 September 2016

AAR: Dystopian Wars - Some Cold Revenge

Ziggy and I put our Dystopian Wars toys back on the table last evening. This time around we played a 1200-point land game. Having just finished up my Belgians, I of course had to include them and put this list together:
N5 Bastille w/ Cloud Generator
N3 Liege
3 Marteau Artillery
3 R6 Tanks
3 R4 Tanks
5 FT-12 Light Tanks
Tourbillon w/ Fury Generator
2 Voltaire
1 Ace Fighter Pilot

It's normally against my programming to include three large/massive in the same army and things would be easy for Z if he drew the objective of killing all of my smalls (just five!). I rolled with it.

Our deployments. My Voltaires are flanking (turn 3) way to the left. The Foxhounds are flanking (turn 2) on the right. Zig stuck his big guys in the corner as he's wont to do.

After getting some spotting markers on the Lysander, my Liege hit it with all five barrels for a crit.

At the end of turn one, the Belgian R-4s smack the Sovereign with a "Hard Pounding" crit. Heheh.

Gratuitous shot of my models.

I actually won initiative on turn 2 and the R-4s immediately activated again. Another crit on the Sovereign. Bwahahaha. The thing was pretty well ruined.

I poured that beer pretty quickly.

My little FT-12s get in on the action and kill a Mk. 2.

Zig's first points - a 25-point Ace fighter pilot.

Ace pilot Jacque Blaque Shellaque was avenged moments later as the Liege finished off the limping Sovereign.

The Brunel unloads its front battery into a Belgian tank. Overkill? I think so.

The Tourbillon makes a Mark 2 teleport with its rockets! How fun. 

My artillery finish off the Lysander to end turn 2. The score was now 345 to 65 in favor of the French.

The situation at the start of turn 3.

The overkill theme returns as the front heat lance on the Bastille finishes off the thrice-damned Steward shield tank.

The Voltaires eventually show up and take some pot-shots at the British artillery. Classic - they scored a nav-lock crit on a vehicle with a fixed-forward arc. Wrapping up turn 3, the score had rolled along to 610 to 220.

Turn four went by rather swiftly. The Terriers, Foxhounds and Brunel thumped my Bastille pretty badly. I concentrated on scoring points, killing off two Cromwells, a Mk. 2 and a Foxhound. I also took out the Shield Generator on the Brunel with a critical hit.

I was at 815 points, 25 shy of my 70% target. Ziggy was at 300, needing to score 600 including killing my Commodore's vessel (the beat up Bastille). We called the game there. The result wasn't really in doubt.

Wow, a crushing victory for the French! They avenged their last outing against the British Army which was a lousy draw. If anyone is ever curious about whether or not the N-3 Liege is worth a darn, the question was answered - it's a beast. Combined with good spotters, it can cause pain all day long regardless of the terrain situation. This was my first time using the Tourbillon as well and it's every bit as nasty as its reputation. I left it Obscured longer than I should have - it only got two efficient rounds of shooting in. I was very pleased by how this army played and would use this same set up again without hesitation.

21 September 2016

Recently Painted - Dystopian Wars Belgians

I got a few DW tanks completed this week - some Belgians I picked up on the cheap a week or two ago. In the Dystopian Wars fiction, Belgium is a protectorate of France and are simply just "part of the French OOB. I did paint these guys quite differently from my solid dark red French land forces, figuring the crews would have quite a bit of national pride, not wanting to simply ape "big brother." I did however keep that dark red on the big Liege landship - the mix of camo and solid color turned out well I think, although I debated it for quite a while in my noggin prior!

The Belgian N-3 Liege and French N-5 Bastille