28 August 2016

PaK-ed Full of Gingerbread

I finished up an Airfix 1/72 PaK40 yesterday, purchased alongside the SU-122s in the prior post. I still have the prime mover on the paint table - its assembly was considerably more involved that the gun.

We hung out with our friends Dennis and Shelley last evening and played a couple of games. Shootin' Ladders proved quite entertaining.

It's a shoot-em-up involving homicidal gingerbread men "crumbling" eachother on the classis kid game Chutes and Ladders' layout. We played a simple free-for-all and I fared pretty well, collecting two body parts. My wife won, being the first to collect three body parts. As you may be able to tell from the sheets shown to the left, when a body part takes 6 points of damage it is torn from the sheet. My sheet was given some embellishments...

I've been working on these Dystopian Legions Automatons for the last week or so. They are the worst models ever, assembly-wise. Two arms, two legs, a body, a head sometimes a gun... Christ Almighty! I can't believe I finished the other ten months ago! I don't remember them being such a pain.

24 August 2016

Recently Assembled and Painted

I put some 1/72 Pegasus SU-122s over the last few days. I've been in the mood for model kits lately and the 1/72 WWII collection was in need of expansion.

The Pegasus kit gets you two models for around $10.00 - you can't beat that! The kit's instructions are scant and there are no decals. Such is the price of inexpensive models. Many of the tanks' wheels had fallen off the sprue but it didn't complicate things at all.

Ta da! Nothing too crazy, but they look nice and are certainly table-top worthy.

I compared the kit to my Airfix 1/76 T-34 since both vehicles use the same chassis...

The SU-122 is quite a bit beefier, but they'll be fine stablemates on the game table.

22 August 2016

AAR: Star Fleet Battles - Meet The Neighbors

The Space Cadets met on Sunday afternoon in Brunswick for August's episode of Star Fleet Battles. This month game, likely our last on the "east side" for a while, featured Gorn and Romulans. The Gorn were delivering troops to a contested planet when a group of Romulan gunboats arrived to disrupt or halt the operation. The Gorn commando ship was escorted by a police carrier.

We join the action early. Mike insisted on driving the Gorn Police Carrier and its 6 G-12 fighters. David requested the four Romulan StarHawks which left me driving the Commando Destroyer. The planet is the destination for as many BPs as I can drop. The Romulans really need to prevent me from dropping troops. Mike is flying cover for me.

David pulls the trigger on a shedload of type F's. That's one impressive stack of counters! More impressive is the fact that it did NOT get bumped over!

A few impulses later and many torpedoes begin arriving at their targets. By this point many of Mike's fighters had been plasma-torpedoed to death. My reliable troop transport kept up its duty by dropping troops onto the planet via transporter as quickly as it could.

In a tragic turn that the Gorn captains didn't see coming, four type-F plasma torpedoes smash into the lightly reinforced #6 shield of the Swift Justice. Sixty-five internals later, and we, the lizards, were down to one ship. Hey, we still had a couple fighters too!

Not shown, Mike did manage to kill a PF and severely cripple another to the point that it shut down and cloaked to stay alive.

Before they were destroyed, the remnants of Squadron 901 cripple one of the remaining PFs. My type-G had crushed its front shield moments before. 

So, after three turns I'd landed 12 BPs on the planet and was positioned to land four more on impulse 1 of turn 4. The Romulans had one PF in fine condition, one in "rental car" condition, and one on life support. The Gorn were in a fine spot, but would have a bit of work ahead if the Romulans didn't place much value on their own lives.

That was a terrific game and we all enjoyed it immensely. Although I just did a lot of driving and operating the Transporter controls, it was a blast. Mike's carrier getting powdered in the blink of an eye was pretty impressive, but he did do a great job of keeping the Roms away from their target and the sacrifice was not in vain.

Back to the west side of the sector next month - perhaps Lyrans, Hydrans or something else...

20 August 2016

More Steamy Soldiers

I finished off a few more Dystopian Legions minis this morning. These are French elites and an Antarctic Drone Controller.

If nothing else, that 2-army box set has kept minis in the queue for quite a while! I've got another squad of Antarctic Automatons being assembled now and another squad of French Legionnaires behind them.

Be well. Tomorrow, the Space Cadets re-convene in Brunswick for some Star Fleet Battles!

14 August 2016

Firestorm Armada AAR - Capture the Station

Ziggy and I got to play a game of Firestorm Armada recently and I've put together the AAR. This was my first outing with the Relthoza and Zig used his ever-present Terran / Hawker ships. We played with Patrol-level groups, just under 800 points each. Since we've been playing the scenarios in the order presented by the MRB, it was time for "Capture the Station." Ziggy chose to defend.

I had a group of Drone frigates in shunt reserve. A Terran battleship was also waiting in the wings. The station is north-west of the planetoid in the picture. My goal was to capture and hold it, made somewhat more difficult because it is a "fully operational battle station."

My carrier. Interceptors have just deployed. The bombers will stay aboard for a little while.

After a turn, the Terrans are looking quite outnumbered.

My gunships decloak, shunt and soften up the space station. I was hoping to reduce the crew or defenses and ended up scoring a Reactor Overload for 4 points of damage! I'd nearly destroyed it - it's only got 5 hull points.

My Drones arrive, a bit disorganized, but in a great spot to smack the Hawker carrier! The human commander shook his fist and cursed.

The spidery noose tightens. Note the position of my gunships (the group on the right).

Yup. rolled three sixes for distance. Right into the gas cloud. The Hawker carrier still got shot up badly, its shields down from the earlier strike by the frigates.

Ziggy's dice, which until this point had been decidedly cool, "woke the fuck up" and his two remaining cruisers finished off two frigate squadrons in the greatest display of Terran shooting ever witnessed. Very effective nukes helped.

Papa Grande decloaked and spun around, presenting a broadside to the Hawker carrier. In a big flash, the yellow eyesore was no more. Importantly, its Interceptors would no longer keep my Bombers bottled up.

The SS Fun Ruiner showed up finally and turned the dial up to "Pain." Feh. Oh, the Gunships ended up in the position seen above as a result of a second 18-inch battle shunt! Yup three sixes AGAIN!

First the Gunships then the Carrier + Escorts assault the station. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

But just then, the yay-hoo Terran admiral decides to fire nukes into the Escort directly ahead. The resulting explosion of course destroyed the Station. So much for defending it. At least they lost the four points when I captured it.

A bit more shooting and the game finally ended after turn 7. Here's a shot of my casualties. It's a lot. The final score was 4-3 in favor of me! A lousy draw.

As usual, a quite entertaining game of FSA. I really like the Relthoza and am very happy that I chose them instead of some other "bad guy" fleet. They're very different than my Alliance of Kurak fleet and offer a significantly different experience. The Gunships are the bee's knees and flitting around the battlefield with Shunt Matrix is ridiculously entertaining. As rumored on the SG forums, Relthoza Tier-3 (small) ships are very good. The light frigates are great torpedo boats and the Drones and Nidus are damn fine as well. Looking forward to the next for sure.

13 August 2016

Recently Painted - Steampunks

I finished up a few more Dystopian Legions models yesterday. A French machinegun and some Antarctican elite infantry. The painting has been dreadfully slow on these guys.

After taking the pictures, I realized I'd forgot to hit the fleur-de-lis on the French caps with a spot of gold. That's been corrected. If I had a nickel for every time I've taken a "completed" picture just to discover some detail I'd missed, I'd have a lot of nickels!

07 August 2016

AAR - StarDust: Ground - Bugs and Bots!

Ziggy and I got together for a little of the ol' Toy Soldiers on the 6 x 4 last evening. My Sci-fi creation, StarDust: Ground was due for some game time so a couple of days prior I put together a scenario that I hoped would entertain. The giant space bugs haven't been involved in a game of SDG since early play-testing so this would be a good opportunity to see how they stack up against the relatively veteran Robot Army.

The Bots deployed in a cluster in the center, having just completed planetary insertion. Their mission was to destroy bug nests in this area. The nests are circled in roughly the four corners of the tabletop.

My burrowing worms got to grips early with some heavy hover bots, though were unable to capitalize on their early assault.

By the end of the first turn, Ziggy's robots would have been feeling the pressure if they had their pressure gauges installed. I was bemoaning the six stands I'd already lost!

My forces around Nest 3 were in deep kimchi. The flying bugs smashed into one of the BigBots and although they won combat handily, were unable to capitalize and barely scratched the metal monster's chrome plating.

The worms lead the charge against the rapid-fire gunline of Superbots and Hoverbots! The worms performed admirably to my amazement.

The Bots' danger sensors go nuts as the Inferno Bug blasts bioplasma down highway 30. Two stands of WarBots are eliminated!

My vermin continue to work their way through the Bot Buffet.

Big Un and some fliers eye their next targets.

My bug swarm is doing a decent job of herding the robot infantry, but the heavier robot forces (upper left in this picture) are dominating!

No emotion is shown by either side when a railgun round smashes into my Inferno Bug's noggin. On the other side, I was quite disappointed.

The final picture. Although the small bots had been dealt with easily, the larger ones were proving too much for the remnants of my swarm to deal with. The bugs were wiped out and their nests would soon follow.

That was quite a fun game! I rather enjoyed pushing the herd around, it's kind of nice not having to think much about tactics but rather CHARGE! SMASH! That said, I need to give the bugs some additional anti-armor capability. I think Zig liked the Robot Army. They're pretty straightforward shooters although the hover elements give them some really zippy units with a ton of firepower. I wasn't surprised at all that he fell in love with the Repair Bot. That thing kicks ass.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

04 August 2016

Call an Exterminator

Although I've had the minis for quite some time and having been one of the first playtest armies for StarDust: Ground, the Bugs haven't gotten any play time in ages! That should change this weekend as I've got a scenario thunk up for them and the Robot Army. After making unit cards a year and a half ago for my other SD:G forces, I finally whipped up some last night for the bugs...

Looking forward to some chitin vs. chrome!

01 August 2016


While I've been bemoaning my lack of toy-soldier time recently, I have gotten a lot of new tabletop scenery finished up!

Fist up, those 15mm 2-lane elevated highways I showed in the last post primed black...

They turned out very nicely. I can't wait to put them into a game. I will be getting more supports and painting the bases to blend in with a water surface to make a dead-sexy causeway.

Next, the 28mm scenery that came in the Dystopian Legion Iron Scorpion starter box.

This'll be very useful for any 28mm game. Frostgrave, Steampunk Skirmish, anything. Thank you Spartan Games!

Over the weekend, my clan traveled up to Warm Springs, GA. We went through a really creepy wax museum. The curator was truly fantastic. While talking about Eisenhower and MacArthur (see above), he did a quick demo of the D-Day invasion for us using his available tools/toys:

The Brits were the red car, the Canadians were the Pony and the Americans were repped by the monster truck and giant wooden switchblade. Fortress Europe was defended by the Civil War cannons. I'm thinking about painting him up some proper soldiers. If you get the chance - visit! It is truly unique.