19 July 2017


Sometimes you end up with a model that's just a bear to assemble. I haven't had one of those in some time, but the Aquan assault helix I received as a birthday prezzie came with two real patience-testers.

The "three-legged walking things," as my son would have described them years ago, required me to use putty at the ankles and enlist my wife as a second set of hands. The very loose ball-and-socket joints were just impossible to work with by myself.

I did finish up the other contents of that box set - some missile tanks:

Zig and I are supposed to get in our first game of Firestorm Planetfall this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it (and looking forward to putting my red lovelies out on the tabletop).

On a much cuter note, my son busted out some of my scenery and minis last evening and had a bit of a dust up.

These sheep are in deep kimchi.

Space men and the army duke it out

16 July 2017

Quick Update

Very little painting this week - I can't explain why, I've just been doing other things. I did get in a fun little game of Wings of War on Friday evening with my bride.

Rather than just your usual shoot 'em up, we tried something a tad different. I drove a Dauntless dive bomber with a Mustang escort - my mission was to bomb the yakatori stand represented by the card about a third of the way in from the left side in the picture above. My bride piloted two Ki-84 Franks as interceptors.

She makes a rookie mistake and charges in head-first. I get past her after weathering one light round of gunfire.

The Dauntless drops its bomb neatly on the yakatori stand, ruining lunch plans for the IJA. I'd gotten my Mustang spun around to distract the Jap fighters. Now, to extricate the dive bomber...

The silver plane gets in behind me and begins tailing. To make things worse, she gets a lucky hit that knocks out my tail gunner!

My two planes zip past each other. The Dauntless eats another close-range fusillade from the Frank and begins careening towards the ground! My Mustang hits the Jap plane hard too, but not quite enough to knock it out.

I didn't get a picture, but a few turns later I caught back up with her and shot it down. We didn't continue the "duel to the death" and called it a day there.

The action on kitchen table picked back up Saturday evening as Junior and I got in a game of X-Wing. I tried out a TIE swarm (or as much of one as I can muster) while Junior used a group of three much more elite TIE variants.

The dead sexy starting lineup. Managing five ships is something I am not used to! Traffic management is a big deal with a group like this.

The melee in earnest.

I knocked out the Interceptor easily enough - they're just too lightly built. The Defender and Phantom were much tougher customers. The Defender burned up two of my low-end TIEs by itself. You can see in this shot that the Phantom got in a prime position to kill my Advanced but sadly was cloaked and couldn't fire. I had a miserable time trying to hit that sneaky thing.

Eventually, the death of a thousand cuts go to the Defender. Junior conceded with just one ship left whose primary schtick of sneak attack would be very difficult to employ against a group of three ships. The "Semi Swarm" was a fun group to play with. All ships are ridiculously nimble and although firepower was lacking, I had little trouble with Agility 3 opponents.

09 July 2017

Sunday X-Wing

Another boring old X-Wing post, though my wife and I did get in a few board/card games yesterday afternoon and evening with another couple. We played Pandemic, Skull King and Betrayal at House on the Hill. All were quite enjoyable.

Today's X-Wing games were with David. We're both trying to get tuned for the tournament we'll be playing in next month.

I know it doesn't look like much... I tried out this S&V group and it was a LOT better than I anticipated.

The HWK had an unfortunate early visit with the Decimator. It died early after irritating David for a couple of turns.

But then I got the Decimator in positon to get thumped and gave it a good whipping.

After it had been dealt with, the G-1 and Starfighter's big guns worked well against the lightly-built TIEs and I wiped out the lot with no further losses. A shocking victory for my rabble.

The next game, David tweaked things a bit, dumping a cheap TIE and upgrading the Decimator to "damn scary." I used the same Rebel group from last weekend that had worked well. I made mistakes early and often.

Some time later, my last ship, the E-Wing, had run for the corner knowing the Deci wouldn't dare follow. The part you didn't see was David finally getting frustrated wasting time with my E-Wing and focusing on the T-70 X-Wing and YT-2400 which were easier targets. Morningstar was busy today - a Magic pre-release tournament, 40K, Runewars and Warmachine were also in play.

Vader finally finished me off. Oh well.

The second game was a lot more constructive than the first. I got a great lesson in where that squadron is weak. David's second list was a major improvement over his first. My dilemma now is, do I try to correct my weaknesses or simply try to play to my strengths? I will definitely dump the tractor beam on the YT-2400 - in two games it hasn't been used at all. Since the squad was only 99 points, that gives me a couple points to play with. The Scum list was a lot of fun but it'd need to test it a couple more times to become a believer.

02 July 2017

A Bit of X-Wing

Zig and I played a couple of rounds of X-Wing yesterday. I suppose technically it's a tune-up type game for a tournament I'm hoping to play in August 12th. I tried out two squads I think might be OK to run with.

First up was a Rebel list with a YT-2400, T-70 X-Wing and an E-Wing. They're all strong ships - no "gimmes" in the bunch.

They matched very well against Zig's TIE Defender list. I took a while to finally nail the last one, but I won the fight, hands down, taking no loses.

For game 2, I used what I considered an entertaining list, certainly not heavy hitters. Two TIE Advanced and a Firespray. They fought against the same TIE Defender group from the first game.

Oooh. They fly in pretty formations!

After a while, Zig was down to the blasted red TIE and I was one ship down.

And the my other TIE got splatted. Kath Scarlet and Duchess dueled for a while until I took a nasty crit putting my pilot skill down to "0," losing a distinct advantage I'd had. The silly red TIE and I ended up facing each other at range 2 and she got to shoot first. Boom, dead Firespray. The two-Advanced list was a lot better than I anticipated, though I'm still unsure it would hold water in a tournament setting.

A fun evening of X-Wing. It's always a great game.