24 April 2013


Three cheers for miniaturemarket.com. I ordered some Infinity guys last Thursday, cheap 1st class standard USPS. Shipping was $2.40. They arrived Saturday. In a similar vein, the T-55 I ordered about a season ago is still back ordered.

The Infinity guys I ordered are some "Dakini Tacbots" which are these things:

Although mine will of course be much prettier.

They are cheap schlubs who can be kitted out with medikits which will be terribly handy. Of course, if my history with Infinity is any indication, they're going to look like this:

Zig and I are going to play a game Saturday. We'll see how the idiot bots work out.

Trebian over at Wargaming for Grown-ups (look to the right in my blog list) has been playing AK47 Republic lately and the game looks freaking awesome. I've gotten ahold of the old rules and hope to give it some table time soonish. FOW minis will make fine proxies to test things out.

Y'all have a good one!

21 April 2013

Gnomecon 2

Well, I got my sis married off Saturday evening and the party was a blast. By comparison, Gnomecon was positively quiet and peaceful. I took my boats and other goodies for Shipwreck and played a couple of games, the first with James and the second with Ziggy. I'm still kind of groggy and in a one of those "lack of sleep" hazes so I'm not even going to try to write an AAR. I'm just going to post some pictures and comments.

It was early - people just getting things set up. We were surrounded by at least three games of X-Wing all day long.

 Some vendors

The other side of the game hall. Mostly board games going on in here. There was a well-attended Warmachine tournament going on later in the day.

This critter guarded the door.

Ziggy and Dennis. Dennis was playing Pathfinder (D&D clone) pretty much all weekend.

James and I trading shots. I had a salvo of Harpoons heading towards his transports, and James had filled the skies with scads of SSN14s and SSN22s.

I ended up with the short end of the stick. After my final four Harpoons were shot down easily, I ran up the white flag.

 The second games' opponent, Captain Christopher "Z" Crunch

Your truly, the Libyan-In-Chief

One of my subs was detected quickly, but managed to slip past the sentries.

 Possibly a mistake. I fire 4 Otomat SSMs from my frigate at the Italian ship. The filthy swine fire 12 back at me.

Yeah. That sucks. My AA and chaff were surprisingly effective - only three missiles hit my boat. Three missiles invariably send a lightweight frigate to the ocean floor.

Retribution. I get a torpedo hit on the Italian frigate sinking it. One enemy torpedo hits my Foxtrot-class sinking it. Fair trade, sort of.

I got two Migs close to the remaining enemy (USN) ship but both were run off by near-misses from the front 5-inch gun and a sea-wiz. Feh.

My second sub eventually managed to get close but I rolled shabbily and couldn't get a lock on the target ship, whereas the helos put a torpedo into my sub killing it.

Two games, two tragic losses. Both were quite fun and I had a good time. I enjoyed catching up with some folks I haven't sen in a while. I'm looking forward to next year's con when I should hopefully have more time for gaming. Be well!

17 April 2013

Mid Week Update

This weekend is going to be a big one. My sister's getting married on Saturday and I've got my Gnomecon stuff on Sunday. I'm looking forward to partying on someone else's dime and seeing family that I haven't seen in some time. So Friday is rehearsal and dinner, Saturday is the big event.

A year ago, I begged her to pick a different weekend because I knew the game con would be April 19-21, but, well, no dice. Gnomecon will just be Sunday for me, it sucks but that's life. I've got all my ducks in a row, ooh, except I need to print some MiG sheets for one of the scenarios. I'll do that in a bit. I've got the pile of stuff organized and sitting in the garage so packing the car Sunday morning while hung-over shouldn't be terribly challenging. Hopefully I'll get in a couple of entertaining games. I may drag Junior with me - there's no Monsterpocalypse or Wings of War this year but he may be able to play a demo game of Warmachine or X-Wing.

Oh, I picked up Ganesha's SWATTERS sci-fi game yesterday. Looks neat, but it will involve buying an army. Looks cool though.

I'm out for now. Y'all have a good one!

16 April 2013

Those Dark Elves

I actually finished these up over the weekend. 15mm Dark Elves courtesy of Splintered Light Miniatures for Song of Blades and Heroes. There were many more minis in the bag, but SBH doesn't require many figures and I imagine elves and the giant lizard are going to be costly point-wise.

 Leader-types. A Sorceress, the Beastmaster and the group commander

Some quick raider-type guys with hand crossbows
A heavy hitter!
And some elites with two-handed swords

14 April 2013

Infinity for you, Sir!

Zig managed to get his Pan Oceania guys assembled during the week so we took them out for a spin Saturday evening. We set the table up a bit differently from normal, lots of corridors and hallways. The battlefield would be inside a PanO outpost. The Aleph had already infiltrated but set off the alarms on the way in and had to make their escape.

I didn't get a picture of the initial setups, but this is close enough. I sent Duchess and a trooper off to my left to take the fight to the PanO cowards. Mallory and the other three troopers covered the other hall.

These three clowns have the right-side hallway pretty well covered.

The silver bullets split up and spread out.

One of the boys in blue chucks a smoke grenade into the intersection.

Duchess pops out around the corner and looses a couple of shots from her shotgun.

Bam bam! Two downed Order Sergeants. That's how it's done!

Meanwhile, a similar script plays out on the other side of the facility. The Order Sergeant takes a deep breath and steps around the corner. He draws a bead on the Myrmidon further down the hall and there is a quick exchange of gunfire.

The Myrmidon is rocked off his feet and dies noisily.

And to make matters worse, my drink appears to have evaporated.

Back on the other side, Duchess and friend try to repeat the previous success. Smoke...

She squeezes the trigger of her nano-pulser which has a teardrop-shaped template and can cover both enemy models. The Order Sergeant misses his shot and the Knight's Panzerfaust goes wide. The Sergeant succumbs to the nano-pulsers' rays of despair.

The panzerfaust shot hit a nearby chemical vat and exploded*, knocking out Duchess.

Phil avenges Duchess' near-death experience. He pops around the corner and sends a few rounds towards the Magister Knight.

The two warriors charge eachother and the Knight is carved up like a Christmas ham. Heh.

Phil makes his way down the hall, unable to put a telling blow on the idiot medic. The idiot medic gave Frightened Inmate #2 a shot of adrenaline; he opened his eyes and seeing the Myrmidon, pulled the trigger, felling the heroic Aleph robotic warrior. 

At this point, a firefight erupted in the far hallway. There was quite a bit of back and forth, smoke grenades, robotic gallantry and drama but in the end, the two courageously-programmed Myrmidon cyborgs got shot all up. Mallory on the other hand showed the PanO scum how a real cyborg woman fights and took out two of her enemies. 

We called it here, since the goddamned medic was having a terrific time healing all of the guys I'd killed and I only had one model left. The medic only went "Angel of Death" on one PanO casualty. Feh. Either way, it was a damn fun game. We're getting the hang of the mechanics and are feeling a lot more comfortable with the system. Maybe next game we'll add in linked orders - they could have been very useful in this game.

Have a good weekend! Less than a week until Gnomecon now - woohoo!

* - we sort of missed the bit about the panzerfaust not getting a template. Oh well, live, learn. Who cares, it's just a game right? Next time we do one of these "inside the base" type games, BS rolls of "20" will cause explosions as equipment and pipes get hit.

10 April 2013

Mid Week Update

Aloha readers, I hope you are having a great week!

I've been working on my spaceship game today. It's a blatant ripoff of Shipwreck but re-tooled for space combat. I've taken out parts and added others. I'm sure it is playable in its current state but I do want to add a few things - shuttles, terrain, sci-fi goodies like tractor beams and teleporters, etc. I may try to give the basic ship combat a try this weekend.

I've been working on scenery mostly since the weekend. I did up 30 more of my backup tape cases as generic sci-fi LOS blockers. I've also done a bit of work on my second 2 x 2 foot terrain board for my 15mm Ganesha games. Some progress has been made on the 15mm Dark Elves but that project has been dragging too.

I completely scrapped my Shipwreck scenario for Gnomecon. I just wasn't happy with things in general and set the whole damn thing aflame. I did resurrect a previous scenario that worked well and made a tweak or two and will use that as scenario #1. I concocted a second scenario involving hunting subs. I've thrown a bit of surface action in as well, but kept the number of units low so things don't get all confusey and weird. Shipwreck games can zip by pretty quickly and I have a four-hour time slot. Just wrapping my head around the idea of gaming without time constraints is bizarre as hell.

All right, time to wrap things up for this post - it's about quittin' time anyway.

Be well!

09 April 2013

I'm sailing awaaaaay...

UPS delivered a big box this afternoon.
Might be the largest game-related thing I've ever ordered off the internet.

Oh yeah, 54" X 72" of navy blue vinyl / fabric awesomeness. This is for Shipwreck and Dystopian Wars and will be my new ocean - I can finally retire that ratty piece of thin blue cloth (or cut it up for streams / rivers rather!). I ordered it from fabric.com and at just under six bucks a yard the price was right. The material itself is similar to maybe a vinyl car seat or a bar stool. It may not be quite as pretty as a Hotz Mat but it was much less expensive and it is water-proof.

05 April 2013

Retirement Announcement

I never throw away paint brushes but I was just at Michael's and bought a bunch so it is time to pitch a bunch of the old tatty ones. Here's a group photo before they are sent to the trashcan.

Sniff sniff. Those were some good brushes, I'll have fond memories of them.

Hey, Ziggy's Infinity guys showed up today... in a few months they may actually be painted!

03 April 2013

Infinity - More Finished Models

I finished up the Dasyus and Myrmidon this evening. I am pleased with the results.

The Myrmidon is just a copy of my others, though with a different weapon. The more the merrier, right? I've kind of cast my lot with the Myrms and though their style isn't what I normally would roll with, I'm going to stick with them.  The Dasyus is a sneaky little thing with camouflage and infiltration abilities, not to mention she's got mad hacking skills which can screw with enemy robots and other things. The hex pattern on her thigh inspired the reptilian (see Reptile from Mortal Kombat) paint scheme. I like it a lot - the bright green is just groovy.

Ziggy's Infinity order has been backordered. Apparently he's got his sights on the most in-demand box set they make. The last site he ordered it from was out of stock as well. It sucks that these places don't clue you in until the order has been placed. I suggested getting away from the box set and ordering individual models but he insists. **sigh**