23 April 2017

A Short Time Ago...

Saturday was a very busy day for my family so I had no time to really prep a game. I still wanted to play, so Zig and I pulled out X-Wing which requires not a lot of pre-game.

The rogues gallery for game 1. Scum and Villainy faction. This was my first run with the Protectorate Starfighter (far left).

They were pitted against a "Grrls Rule" list Ziggy picked up online, featuring Rey (in the Falcon) and Miranda Doni in the K-Wing. Obviously, the Rebel ships were high-value beasts given that he only had two ships.

Ziggy managed one great Ion bomb drop, hitting three of my four ships at one go! In the end, I conentrated fire on the K-Wing, taking it out and then was able to nip at the Falcon until it went kaboom. I was very pleased with my list and it held up well.

Zig and I reset for a second game. I hadn't played Rebels in a while so it was decided to do a Rebel v Rebel battle. Junior walked in and we invited him to join the fray. It turned into a 3-sided affair and he used Imperials (First Order mostly).

The group for game 2. I specifically went off the rails with my selections. I really do prefer to give all the toys table time and the A-Wings haven't been out of the box in a while.

Our deployments. I wasn't keen on impaling myself on the Rebel gunline of two X-Wings. The A-Wings were deployed to harass the Imperials.

Junior, multi-tasking.

My B-Wing did take a beating from the X-Wings, but had the moxie to deal with it, only to get nabbed my the K-Wing's stupid net. My A-Wings caught a TIE fighter but couldn't get a result! The ARC170 and Shuttle prepare to duel.

A TIE sandwich! The B-Wing would finish off the nearest Imperial fighter.

Ziggy's K-Wing leaves a nasty surprise for the Special Forces TIE - and Ion bomb and another net. The Rebel bomber was really at the top of its game in this battle.

As things wore on, my squadron took an almighty beating, leaving me just with my ace A-Wing.

My zippy little bastard takes aim at a distant TIE.

Ziggy finishes off the shuttle, leaving no doubt as to who the winner would be. He still had his T70 X-Wing and K-Wing in decent shape (self-healing K-Wings are the worst!). I had a mosquito with weak guns and Christian's last TIE was down to one hull point. Zig got the win handily. The bomber was particularly effective with the large number of ships and because it wasn't singled out for elimination early on, as is often the case. Having Biggs kicking around next to it helped - his special ability is that enemy must shoot at Biggs if he's an eligible target.

A good evening of space ships, X-Wing rarely disappoints.

19 April 2017

Israeli Pico Armor

The M48s and M113s w/ TOW stands are done. At this point, the forces required for the base scenario I want to run for Memorial Day are done. I need some brigade command odds and ends for the Egyptian forces - I'll get them in the next couple of weeks. I'll probably pick up a few extra baggies of stuff to begin expanding the forces.

18 April 2017

AAR: Rubber and Lead

Saturday evening my kitchen table turned into ground zero for a great session of Rubber and Lead. Ziggy came by, as did co-worker Matt. My son drove the fourth car.

We had a new track layout to test and the two new off-road trucks. After a bit of explanation, we got right in.

Junior's Land Raider took an early lead and was, for the most part, uncatchable.

But as he was trying to complete lap 2, the heavily oiled and mined bottleneck turned his car into a pinball..

But, with one damage point remaining, the truck managed to cross the finish line first. Matt's convertible soon followed.

Oil and walls accounted for my truck and Ziggy's van.

This sums up race two nicely. I can't remember who won, but it wasn't me. The damn cement truck went all "battering ram" and murdered two cars and itself.

Race three - the still experimental "figure eight." The crossroad was of course heavily mined. I think my car, the green and gold one at the front of the picture, was finished off by Matt in the blue van. Junior won again.

Matt (in the flatbed) and Christian (red Mustang) get all stupid with it right at the start of race four. Matt then managed to stay next to me (in the convertible) for practically a full lap, repeatedly hitting me with the side flamethrower.

I did drive very well under the circumstances, but chanced going through some mines to take the lead and flubbed it. Oh well. Nothing new.

This picture look a lot like the one four pics up. Ziggy got the win.

That was a fantastic evening of gaming. I'm not sure if we stopped laughing the entire time. The new track was quite popular and a nice change. The figure eight is also quite playable. Matt had a great idea that I'll be incorporating soon. I've found some new cars to add to the garage, they'll be featured soon enough. Be well!

15 April 2017

More Egyptians

The second lot of 14 (15) bases is done. This round was T-62s and BMP-1s. Again, painting was very quick with a base coat, some camo splotches, wagic wash and drybrushing.

Oh, and the sunlight was a lot better this morning than the evening light I had in the last photos.

12 April 2017

T-62s - First Batch Done

The first group of 3mm tanks was completed yesterday. Many more to go!

Nothing you haven't seen before but I'm glad to be making progress quickly. I ordered the Israeli contingent yesterday and need to order more bases, but there's no terrible rush.

I also did some work on these guys last evening. They ought to be done for Saturday.

10 April 2017

Pico-Sized Update

I finished 21 more 1.25" bases yesterday after 5 hours of driving and was delighted to see that my Pico Armor tanks had arrived while we were out of town.
T-62s, BMP1s and infantry.

29 T-62s and 15 BMPs have been primed and basecoated. It would have been 30 tanks except there was a barrel-snap issue with one while cleaning up flash. Perhaps the Regimental HQ stand will only have one tank instead of two.

05 April 2017

Arab / Israeli - Basing

With the goods in the mail, I figured I could get started on the bases since I'll need a bunch and let's face it - with Pico Armor, the minis will just be elements of a diorama on each base. I don't want to have simple flats with tanks - it's a bit lazy.

So Sunday, I cranked out 21 textured bases, then drybrushed them up.

With a ZSU-23-4 "just hanging out" for reference. Two or three vehicles per base will look mighty fine.

A couple of finished bases with unit ID strips on them. I'll mark the units later. The heavy coat of gloss coat will hopefully help it resist nicks and chips as the spackle isn't what you'd call "rock hard." I'm going to add a bit of foliage after the tanks and infantry are attached. The second batch of 21 just got spackled....
I think I'm going to need about 35 bases of Egyptians and 14 or so bases of Israelis for an intro game. More pics as they happen. I'm out of town this weekend - no gaming for me 😡

02 April 2017

Recently Painted - Terminator 2 and a Dandy

I finished up the human resistance fighters from Terminator Genisys today. I didn't go nuts with them - kind of a quick job to get 'em table ready. I think they still look very nice.

Seventeen of humanity's finest. Maybe we'll give it a go this week.

Also finally off the table is this dude:
A Steampunk hero-type character. I've dubbed him Duke Rose. Although he'll be on the "good" side, I envision him as a bit more of a scoundrel. Chapter Two has been thought out and I hope to get that back on the table soon as well - my wife really like the last game.

I finally broke down and ordered some Pico Armor. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I've decided that now was as good as ever to jump into the Yom Kippur War. I placed an order for a boatload of T-62s, BMP-1s and "Soviet" infantry. They'll probably arrive this week. More on that as it progresses. I have got appropriate aircraft, thanks to CY6:JA!

AAR - Advanced Squad Leader for Noobs

David and I have been eager to try out ASL since we both picked up starter kits in recent months. Saturday night we got a chance to give it a go. He brought his son Anson which provided enough peer pressure for my son to play as well. It's not often he plays these days - 14-year-olds typically have "better things to do." 😉

Because ASL is not a simple game and even the most basic published scenario can include all the bells and whistles, we took one map board, eight infantry squads per side and just had a shoot-em-up. The kids took the Germans - Anson commanded four 4-6-7s while Junior got four 4-4-7s. David and I were the British commanders - he led four 4-5-7s and I had four 4-4-7s under my command.

The mission - learn the flow of the game and get it figured out. Both sides were highly interested in occupying the 2-hex stone building in the center. The grain was not in season so was just a wide kill zone.

David and I did some hex-counting and decided the best spots for his longer-range squads was right here with LOS at the two hexes most likely to be used to enter the stone building. My squads would hook around (for some reason).

One well-placed shot and two terrible morale tests later, two of David's squads had been broken.

A few minutes later, David's got his boys rallied (we allowed all squads to self-rally) and seeing the writing on the wall, figure we may as well make a mad dash to the building. I sent out one of my squads to draw fire.

They were followed by two of David's squads. Some poor German shooting and terrific British  morale tests helped our case considerably.

But Anson gives his guys a swift kick in the rear and they hustle into the building. Bollocks.

Squad "Neo" braves a wall of defensive fire to reach the building. It is reduced to a half-strength squad but passes its morale test!

Another withering hail of fire is miraculously evaded and the building is now occupied by both sides!

David gets his two squads into LOS of the German pile in the building in an attempt to rattle them. it doesn't work. The squads at the top of the map duel to keep the other side from reinforcing the fight at the building.

My half-squad got run off. David jumped a squad into the building - again, German defensive fire was unimpressive.

A scrum erupted.

The Germans took the upper hand.

At that point we called it a draw, but the Grenadiers were in a better position that the Brits.

It took a couple hours, with quite a bit of rulebook referencing but dang if that wasn't a lot of fun! Importantly, the kids enjoyed it - there's a lot to be said for keeping them off their iPhones for that long. Their tactical plan and performance wasn't bad at all. They were in a more favorable position, terrain-wise and used it to their advantage.

What did we do wrong?
1) Allowing all squads to self-rally. Didn't really do it wrong - this was a conscious decision to allow it, given the absence of leaders. This affected both sides equally.

2) Completely forgot about FFMO and FFNAM bonuses for defensive fire at troops moving across open ground. We Brits would likely have had a bigger problem crossing that open gap. We were very fortunate as it was - the shooting bonuses the kids would have enjoyed could have doomed us.

Ready for another game, that's for sure!