30 September 2012

Modern Spearhead

Managed to get some quality table-time yesterday with Z - we fought a nice-sized game of Modern Spearhead using the Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System. As usual, Z took charge of the West German force and I commanded (herded?) the Polish force.

We got the table situated and determined the situation. It would be me attacking in a deliberate attack. My force consisted of:
3 T-72 Bn
1 BMP-2 Bn (all attached to the tank battalions)
1 OT64 MR Bn
1 T-54 Bn (2 companies)
3 Batteries of 2S3
2 Sorties of Su-25 w/ smart bombs (thanks Soviet friends!)
(1987 Warsaw 2 Regular)

The Germans
1 Leopard 1A4 Bn
1 Marder Bn
2 Gepard
1 Roland SAM vehicle
3 Batteries of M109
(1987 NATO 1 Regular)

We drew up orders and got going.
Da Cunnin' Plan. I kept some units off the field to begin with having learned from previous mistakes. The red dots are objectives.

The battle is met. Imagine my joy when I saw how far back his forces we deployed and that he wasn't holed up in the towns.

Turn 2 - My center battalion has taken the bridge and the motor rifles have the overlook on my right. The lead platoons start getting pelted right away by the Leopards.

At the start of turn 4, my flankers arrived as did the delayed T-72 battalion. I've managed to get the FO into the town. T-54s are taking a beating, but I guess that is their lot in life. If it looks like I lost a whole lot of T-54s, it is because I accidentally deployed all 10 stands on the board to begin with then caught my mistake and removed 3, since I should only have deployed 7 of them. Marker "4" on the central hill is an artillery range-in spot. Z had moved out of the trees with one of his platoons got get and extra barrel pointing at my guys. My mortar from 1Bn suppressed the platoon and a volley of T-54 fire finished them off. That was my first kill in a game and a half of MSH. Small victories.

The Conga-line of DOOM! Quite doable when you have air superiority and no damn tank-destroyer helos to worry about.
These things give me nightmares.

Artillery manages a suppression on some tanks in the woods.

Turn 5 - the hordes oozes forward. The flankers push hard down the road.

We're starting to get entrenched in the town. Choke on that, Fritz!

Final position of the T-54 battalion. They headed back home shortly after this.

Froggy finally shows up. He get a kill. 49.5 points well spent. This guy irritates the shit out of Ziggy. Not much different than the helos really...

...and there go the T-54s.

Turn 6 movement. I move a BMP from the central town to its outskirts.

And the flankers occupy "Stadtburg"

Froggy takes his gun-run. Artillery hammered the tank platoon at the edge of the woods. The plane knocked out the exposed platoon.

The two lead platoons in the flanking battalion were eliminated. Sadness.I got a change order through to 1Bn (the big battalion in the center) at the end of the turn. They were to move out towards the Panzers in the center alongside 2Bn.

Turn 7. The flankers get some platoons in the outskirts of town taking up good firing positions.

Maybe not an entirely fair trade, but I bag a Leopard on the flank.

The Su-25 goes all Wild Weasel on the Gepard in the open. I was being a bit foolhardy targeting a Gepard with a Roland launcher right there as well, but that high DEF and the Stand-Off weapons rules will make you brave.

The tanks in the middle are now all over the center position. The Panzer Grenadiers who had been sitting still for too long finally got moving towards my middle forces. The problem that was hampering them was that Z kept rolling ones for his order change to get them moving. You can see that my motorized infantry on the right got off their duffs and started advancing too.

Beginning of turn 10. The flanking battalion had been eliminated but my middle two tank battalions were completely overrunning the Panzers and the motorized infantry were getting in position to attack the Panzer Grenadiers. Ziggy called it there. 

The score - 10-4. That's eight points for capturing four objectives plus two more for casualties caused the the Panzer battalion. Zig destroyed two small battalions and retained one objective.

What we learned.
Zig learned that maybe NATO2 is not a bad idea just to get some extra stands on the board. His Germans were as tenacious as ever and just a pain to dig out. If he had defended the forward town with the mechanized infantry I'd have had a hell of a time digging him out. Live and learn.

I learned:
- Keeping some troops behind isn't a bad idea. The flankers and delayed battalion worked well. 
- Outskirts are your friend. 
- Warsaw 2 rating is just fine - especially is you can roll fives and sixes.

Good gaming ya'll!

25 September 2012

Flames of War

Gah! What do I do about this stupid game? I'm done with it. My situation:
     - I own a lot of stuff. Loads of Germans, Soviets and Americans. I do not want or need it all.
     - The only reason to keep any of it is to play with Ziggy who also has a lot of stuff. Gotta be loyal to my bud.
     - Lots of now-worthless army books for the shooting range / fire pit.

Solution A. Keep one army intact and eBay the rest. Not a stupid option as I can get more stuff for other games with the money. Zig and I can still play.

Solution B. Rebase some or all for Spearhead perhaps. This is very appealing since I like MSH and the cost become the cost of the bases and rulebook. Seeing the 20mm SH that other folks are playing with (Keith, Robin), 15mm SH would be quite doable. I like the WWII period, I just hate FoW's rules and BF's business model.

Suggestions are welcome.

23 September 2012

Sunday Afternoon Project

So, I've been looking for a better way to store my Shipwreck aircraft and after coming up with a plan a couple of weeks ago, got it done today.

I started with a Chessex miniature storage case and a 3/4" sheet of plywood that's been gracing my garage for some time.

I cut the board to fit in the storage case. (About 17" X 7")

Drew a grid on the board - 1.25" squares and marked the center of each square. There will be 65 spots for planes.

Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill Drill

Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand
Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand 
Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand


Quick hit of some very bad-ass silver spray paint...

And I've got myself a hangar for 65 planes and helicopters.

I do have 22 planes on the production line right now, so at least they'll have a home waiting for them.

Be well!

22 September 2012

HoTT part 2

Junior and I got in that game. WWII Soviets defending against the Narnians this time. His army:

1 KV-1 (Behemoth General)
1 Spetznaz (Magician)
1 Yak-9 (Airboat)
1 Artillery Battery (Artillery)
3 Strelkovy (Warbands)
2 Light Tanks (Riders)

That's all his painting. The KV and BT need some drybrushing and decals. The cannon is a loaner.

Just after deployment. That pond in the center was a major pain in the butt.

The battle is met. He wiped out the eagles but I rolled up his left flank (the warbands and artillery). Eventually, some of the hounds got loose from the Spetznaz and raced to the Stronghold. and managed to defeat it on their first attempt.

Another entertaining game. I think I'm going to like this...

HOTT in Savannah

Wifey and I just played our first game ever of HoTT. We had a good time but with any new system we had lots of slow-downs and questions. I'm going to bug the Yahoo group with the questions. Any other regular readers who can help with the questions, please comment. Thanks!

On with the game...
I used my Narnians which are
2 Spears (Fauns)
2 Blades (Fauns)
3 Beasts (Hounds)
3 Great Eagles (Fliers)
1 King Peter (Hero)

and Wifey used her brand-new, just finished Halloweenies which are
2 Covens (Magicians)
2 Shooters (Skeletons)
2 Sneakers (Ghosts)
3 Scarecrows and Nightmares (Knights)

I was the defender and deployed my stuff as you see above. The funnel worked against me...

And my bride set her stuff like so. The sneakers were to make and end-around run for the stronghold. We forgot about the extra PIP cost to move more than 12" away from your side's general. She's wearing her witch hat.

I sent the eagles after the ghosts . I ran one off but the other wasn't bothered and slipped right past the birds.

And the good guys moved out to meet the nasties.

Rather anti-climatically, the first thing killed was her general by mine. Now, if I read the rules correctly, if she has lost more AP worth of stuff (TRUE at this point - dead Magician) and her general is dead (TRUE) she loses and game over. We swapped witch models and kept going anyway because that was just too quick.

My wolfhounds mix it up with her scarecrows. It was a bloody affair since in bad going, her guys would die in a combat loss and my beats also die to riders on a combat loss.

We horsed around for a few more bounds and eventually her rotten ghosts made it to my keep and managed to defeat it! Bah.

It was fun and I think we'll play again, often. Junior is itching to bring his Soviets onto the battlefield. They are playable so maybe they'll see some table time this evening.

On with the questioning:

Assume open, good going. Beasts vs Knights
Just for the sake of argument, 2 ties and a recoiling knight during a combat result in the following: 
The Beasts have pursued the opponents who recoiled. 
One the next round, 2 Beasts and a Knight die. 

On their next bound, can the Knights engage the Beasts at all in Close Combat? Is there a tactical move they can make to engage or are all opposing elements free to move as they please? Not sure what happens here.

Question 2. When a group has "middle" elements either die or recoil and the front edge of the group is disrupted, is the group pretty well shot at that point? Can it regain its group status later if the elements re-align?

Thank you in advance!
Please respond in the comments or to my email - doubleones at gmail.com

21 September 2012


Trying to figure out some sort of gaming for tomorrow - Junior and I may still horse around with Dirtside or HoTT. His HoTT stuff just needs to be based. If nothing else, I'll putz around with a custom storage tray for my 1/600 aircraft. I've got a plan and just need to make the thing. And there's football. I'd play a FoW game on Sunday but life has already interfered with that prospect. Plus I'm gradually approving less and less of FoW. I'm considering selling off an army. I wouldn't mind freeing up some space, plus I have enough of it as is.

I also primed the planes I got in recently so I'll see how far I can get with them. On that topic, I don't know what kind of metal Oddzial Osmy (picoarmor.com) uses to make their miniatures but the stuff is strong. Submarine strong. I turned an Xacto blade into a serrated blade cleaning up the planes last night. Granted, their models are very clean but the flash that is there takes some significant effort to remove.
'Twas new when first I cut upon the F-18s. the A-6es and MiG-23s. Xacto is not a Dwarven company.

Ordered some custom tokens and some bases from Litko. Damn they make the coolest stuff. If you aren't already in the routine of ordering custom things from them, you just ain't gaming.

Fact: It is easier to name 10 characters from Star Wars than it is to name 1 character from Avatar.

18 September 2012

Mid Week

Junior and I did a very dry run of Dirtside II this evening. Just 5 vehicles each to run through how combat works. Interesting and fast. Big guns make for short work. More of that later this week. We'll do an infantry tussle, then put it all together. He's also commandeered some of my old Tau hover drones for use as VTOLs. He's going to have a very high-end force compared to my low-end rebel scum.

Got the bikes and support weapons wrapped  up. Here they are on my lovely spray-painting pizza box after a quick hit of Dullcote:

Junior's tanks showed up yesterday so he can finish his HOTT army, so we have all sorts of new games in the blender! Hopefully I'll be able to get in a MSH or something else with Zig this weekend - we've both had busy Saturdays with other things the last couple of weeks.

Until next time...

16 September 2012

Some finished work

OK then, three platoons of infantry knocked out along with a handful of AFVs. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon, not to mention the two terrain pieces I finished up as well.

I'm quite happy with the results. The barrels on two of those tanks lend themselves well to shooting around corners, but I'm way past that. I've got 8 more infantry stands and 10 stands of bikes and trikes halfway done. Barring major interruptions, I could conceivably finish them today. I have another piece or two of old terrain that I'll probably re-paint to match the new pieces in the pictures. Those weird barnacle-ey things on the piece on the left are rather large barnacles my kids harvested once upon a time - they thought they would make cool "something or others" for one of my games. They were right! I've got many more so they'll probably become a common feature of the planet we'll be fighting over.