30 January 2014

HOTT in the Cold

So, it was cold in Savannah yesterday. Yup, we had a "snow" day but without the snow. Having just finished up a few bases of things for HOTT, I managed to play a game of it with Junior. He used his WWII Soviets and I used my Narnians.

Our lists, for those who are curious:

Junior's Russians
1 Yak-9                 Airboat    3
1 KV-1              Behemoth    4
2 Light Tanks         Riders    4
1 Spetznaz        Magicians    4
3 Infantry          Warbands    6
1 Artillery            Artillery    3
The Spetznaz is the General.

My Narnians
3  Eagles                   Flyers    6
3  Dogs                     Beasts    6
2  Faun Spearmen    Spears    4
1  Peter                       Hero    4
2  Faun Swords       Blades    4
King Peter is the General

Junior would defend and set the table up thusly
I got the board edge I wanted. The river he was so keen on screwed him royally.

His rather well-done army.

I pushed hard to my right, sights set on the Stronghold. He had one Behemoth, an Airboat and two Riders to contest me with.

The KV-1 mashes up some valiant hounds and a Stuart pushes back one of my eagles.

Peter, seeing that the eagles were in real trouble, breaks off and wipes out the light tanks. Another of my dogs is destroyed by the treads of the KV. My last stand of dogs stays between the KV and the rest of my army as a wall. Man's best friend, no doubt!

The airboat gets a move on towards the stronghold. I have one stand of eagles just beside the stronghold and Peter is on his way!

The Soviet artillery and air force try their best to affect the outcome but just can't make it in time. Peter and the eagles capture the stronghold and it's a win for the Narnians!

It's been forever since we played HOTT last and I really enjoyed it. Things seemed to flow well. I'm sure we did a few things wrong, but it was fun regardless. I know it wasn't very nice to abuse the river like I did, but I think junior learned a lesson about terrain.

Be well and good gaming!

29 January 2014

Russians, Romans and Rats!

I've been churning through the lead pile at a good clip lately and have a few more things finished up and ready for show.

First off, the other half of the Russian Black Sea Fleet:
Twelve destroyers and what would have been seven seaplane carriers. I marked five of the carriers as generic transports which will be more useful for gaming.

Next up are some 15mm Roman Auxilia from Rebel Minis. They were a gift from my sister for Christmas and a fine start to a HOTT army. Ancients are not something I normally paint so I pretty much "winged" the colors after a cursory Google Image search. The flash on the camera really made the brown wash on the shields stand out a lot more than it does to the nekkid eye.

Lastly are some of the oldest models I had in the pile - some Reaper Bones Rats. I bought them about a year and a half ago, intending them for my wife's HOTT army of Halloween creepies. They (six of them anyway) finally got their final coat of paint and varnish.

We're having a "snow" day in Savannah today. In reality it is more of a cold, rainy day. The charlatan weather guessers predicted Snowmageddon and schools and many offices, including mine, shut down for the day because of the potentially dangerous driving conditions. I'm going to try to get in some sort of gaming to take advantage of the surprise day off.

26 January 2014

Black Sea Fleet part 1

No gaming this weekend. Didn't do much painting either, but I did finish off the first group of Russian ships. The others will get finished up this week easily enough. Hopefully next Saturday they'll make it to the table for a game of Age of Dreadnoughts. It'll be AoD or my home-spun spaceship game which is very ready for a good playtest session.

Quick pic of the Russians...

23 January 2014


While the voyage didn't take quite as long as that of the Russian fleet leading up to the battle of Tsushima, it was pretty close. The Black Sea fleet finally got here!

I've wasted no time getting them mounted to magnetic backing, ready for priming.

 Loads of destroyers and a handful of plane carriers. 

Lovely old battleships!

I've been good this week, getting lots more painting done without buying more toys. I'll post pics of the other stuff when it is 100% done.

20 January 2014

Sunday X-Wing

A group of us met at Morningstar on Sunday afternoon for some X-Wing. We've played a few games recently and enjoyed the heck out of it. David and I took the Rebels, the Imperials were handled by our two kids, Junior and Anson as well as Ziggy who hadn't played before.

Our deployments and the field of battle. Each side was 150 points. For what it's worth, asteroids are a pain in the ass. Those are my asteroid minis I made a few months ago, set on top of the templates that come with the game. TIE interceptors were a popular choice, as were the eponymous X-Wings.

Some action shots of the cluster-cluck. As it turns out, Dave and I cannot drive, nor can we shoot straight. My X-Wing driven by Biggs Darklighter was the first to go boom. My A-Wing followed him to Force-heaven shortly thereafter by taking his chances with an asteroid.

Dave lost both his X-Wings after a couple more turns, although Wedge Antilles did manage to take out the top Imperial ace, Soontir Fel. Our last ship, the HWK-290 was set upon by the balance of the Imperials and blasted into dust.

It was a terribly one-sides affair but David and I had a good time anyway. When the chance cubes are screwing you as bad as they were Sunday, you have no choice but to laugh it off. Anson's TIE Bomber was a complete beast and did most of the damage - the other TIEs cleaning up the scraps. It was not a good day for the Rebels and we're looking forward to some revenge!

18 January 2014

Even more recently painted stuff!

I finished the mortars, HMGs and "Recoilless Rifles" for AK47 yesterday and some small rocket-launching walkers for Dystopian Wars the day before. Man have I been productive lately! Some pics...

The recycled Flames of War stuff turned out nicely enough. I do like my Frankenstein 57mm guns. I couldn't come up with any good MG assistants, so the HMGs are a little bare, but I'm fine with them how they are.

17 January 2014

Four Months

Four months ago on 16 September 2013 I ordered some 1/6000 WWI ships for Victory at Sea. I got the Turks in pretty quickly but their foes, the Russian Black Sea Fleet, has been back-ordered ever since. Yesterday, they finally made it into the mail, heading my way. I must say, I'm pretty excited. I've read through the (poorly edited) Age of Dreadnoughts book a half dozen times in the last few months and am ready to push some tiny lead boats around.

Can any of you compete with a four month fulfillment time?

In other news, my six-year-old, Cameron asked about playing "soldiers" last night. It was kind of late, but we'll set something up tonight or tomorrow. **sniff** It'll be his first time playing. I'll use some hybrid GASLIGHT rules or something similar - it worked well enough for Junior years ago.

Y'all have a good weekend!

15 January 2014

Hot off the presses

Finished basing the big group of government troops for AK47 yesterday. I've still got mortars, HMGs and guns in the queue but they are progressing well.

12 January 2014

Sunday afternoon Dystopian Wars

Ziggy and I met for another round of DW today. We got some new land units done up and wanted to give them some table time. No full AAR this time around. I just feel like putting that much effort in today. Here are some pics

Our setups. Ziggy went heavy on his flank. I was a bit more spread out.

Stampy covers the valley. His early shots were effective.

A view from the ground as Zig checks some numbers on the iPad.

In the upper left, my fighters have at some British dive bombers. The valley really gets nasty as my small tanks dive in and kill a Foxhound - they would, themselves, be wiped out in short order.

My bomber that didn't pass its "swift ascent" roll gets lit up by the Mark 2s.

One bomber survives long enough to bomb a Mark 2 and capture the last Terrier of the pack.

Quiz time! The Brunel Mobile Airfield did which of the following?
A) Captured the Terrier back
B) AAed the bomber
C) Blasted the hell out of my walker with all its guns
D) All of the above.

Answer at the end of the post!

The little nippers close in!

And he's outta there!

I took a lot of casualties. This is my dead pile.

It was a fun quick game. I like the new walker, but it starts strong and gets weak as the enemy nears, unlike the old walker which heats up as the game goes on. It is more of a supporting unit than a centerpiece. If I were concerned about putting together a winning force, I would only take it if I had another large unit in the army. As it was, Ziggy did a random draw on my three large land units and I used the one that got picked. Zig likes the Brunel and the units he's painted up look great. Next time I think he's going to roll out the Lysanders - whee!

The correct answer was (D) - All of the above.

Partly Off-Topic

Hi again. My second block of 30 African soldiers is done, I'll begin basing them today or tomorrow.

And eleven more in the queue - these are loaders and radiomen. They'll "fill out" the mortar and gun bases.

Yesterday was my youngest's birthday and he wanted to go to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had a great time, especially since the weather held out right until we were leaving. A few pics.
The Komodo Dragon looking for a snack.

The birthday boy and I feed a Lorikeet.

Selfie with Lorikeet

Junior in pirate mode.

A puddle full of Flamingos

Some Warthogs. The one scratching on the tree looks very relaxed.

This Leopard wouldn't slow down, he just kept pacing back and forth.

Making Dad proud.