30 August 2019

Two More Conveyances

A couple more gizmos to go along with the FBI and Army dudes from earlier in the week, because if you're going to have a game it might as well have vehicles!

That's a M1127 Stryker from QRF and a speedboat from model train accessory outfit http://modeltechstudios.com. I did enjoy painting the boat - it's not often I get a piece like that one. The Stryker AFV was selected because it seemed to be the right "power level" for the game I'm putting together. An Abrams or even the Stryker MGS with the 105mm gun on it would just be way over the top!

29 August 2019

New Additions

I've been hard at work on the latest pick-ups over the last couple of weeks. I got some inspiration for a game idea and picked up some 15mm minis to make it happen. More on the game later, though once you see what I've painted it won't be very difficult to divine what I have in mind. Minis are from Rebel Minis.

First up - the zombie horde. Forty-Three of the buggers. They're not exactly a gore-fest. Pretty basic painting with a brown/red wash.

Next, some support for those zombies. Some swift-moving werewolves.

And of course it isn't a game without something to fight, so I painted up some FBI field agents. There may be a nod to the X-Files in there.

And finally, our representatives of the American military-industrial complex.

The bridge is new too. It's four inches wide and the length was exactly what's required to get over my river segments. I knocked it together from cereal box and duck tape. The guard rails are foam sheet. Not bad for two hours on a Saturday morning.

There are a few other elements that aren't quite done yet - I'll post those when they are. I'm hoping to give the rules a run through over the Labor Day weekend.

27 August 2019

Gold Digging - A Star Fleet Battles Report

Last Saturday the Space Cadets re-convened in Brunswick for another game of SFB. This month's scenario was one I put together called "Gold Digging." It features ISC and Gorn exploration and scout ships snooping around a recently abandoned pirate base. Of course the two groups arrive at the same time and are displeased to find competitors.

The two sides' scores are based purely on scientific research points they can accrue snooping around specific points on the map. Combat is not essential to winning, although the right hits can reduce your opponent's score and ability to perform further research. The order of battle:

    R13.73 HPL Heavy Police Ship Ruleslawyer (Ziggy)
    R13.18 SC Scout Impartial Observer (David D)
    R1.26A FE-S  Small Exploration Freighter  Goldstar III (Ziggy)
    R6.4 DD+ Destroyer Ridgeback  (Anson)
    R6.13 SC-F Scout Basilisk  (Mike B)
    R6.13 SC-F Scout Slither  (David S)

So there's the map. ISC start in the yellow hexes, Gorn in the red. The grey rings are asteroid clusters and the green spots are the research locations. There are also twelve mines of various description hidden in the area. Yours truly GM'ed the scenario and was the mine controller. Bwahahaha!

Action is pending.

Action occurs! Anson's Destroyer quickly locates a large captor mine packing Plasma-Fs. Buh-bye, shield.

Having been kind enough to locate the mine on Turn 1, Impulse 26, the mine was able to fire at him again in short order. Buh-bye other shield.

Besides me having a lot of fun hammering a Gorn Destroyer with a mine, the players were studiously trying to rack up the research points and scanning for mines.

Look at all of the pretty little shuttles!

Mike's Scout locates another captor mine and gets an F-torp as a prize. David Drake's ISC Scout continues its push across the map determined to score ALL THE POINTS.

To my amusement, Ziggy's police ship and Anson's destroyer finally dance. They lob torps at one another. Ziggy eats one after phasering it a bit and Anson runs for home, having lost a handful of shields.

After four turns, the ISC was firmly in control and the Gorn had no practical way to catch up. We called it there.

Final Score: ISC  442    Gorn  304
David D's ISC Scout was a beast racking up 236 on its own. The ISC aux exploration ship scored 160 and the HPL was good for 46.

David S's Gorn Scout led that side with 120 points. Mike's had 108 while Anson's DD scored 76.

Mike forgot to charge his Probe on turn 1 ( proceed with a middle-school giggle ) so he missed an easy 20-point opportunity. The Gorn team was completely miserable at scanning for mines while the ISC were significantly more successful. It didn't help that Anson triggered two plasma-launching captor mines himself and Mike hit an explosive mine and triggered and was hit by both a plasma and phaser captor.

The scenario was a hit, particularly since it was a lot different than the typical shoot-em-up. I was fully expecting the ISC auxiliary ship to get crushed, but because Zig played it cautiously with that ship, it was able to score and keep a lot of points that the Gorn had a tough time keeping up with. If I'd been driving the Gorn, I'd have told the DD player to get up to speed 30 or 31 and go hunt that damn thing down. Oh well, that's what makes it fun!

15 August 2019

The Big Paint

At long last, the beast is finished. The Terrorgheist that came with the Flesh Eater Courts box set has made its way through the painting queue and is now ready to kick something's head in.

Big models like this give me lots of trouble - I really have to get over the psychological hump and it typically takes a few weeks to get worked up into the right frame of mind. I've had similar problems with other big models such as these and Bane. Coincidentally, that Bane post also has this dragon's little buddies.

I'd like to get in an into game of AOS before putting any more money into it. Work buddy Landon whose idea this was to begin with has been alerted and perhaps we shall throw dice in the very near future.

In other news, my dog got very sick on my Games Workshop Battle Mat a couple of weeks ago. Poop and barf have a way of ruining things. I'd had the mat quite a while - it made its first appearance here back in post #5 and I had it at least a year or two before that. I got it when I was big into FoW back in 2009/2010. Regardless, I was in no mood to attempt a cleaning and disinfection. The mat was retired to the trash. Man, there are a LOT of fond gaming memories associated with that thing. But, life goes on and I splashed the cash on one of the newfangled neoprene mats. I ended up going with Frontline Gaming. They had a pretty good sale going on last week and it was $15 off.
Of course now I just have to come up with just the right game to Christen it. Modern Spearhead or StarDust Ground seem right enough. So does AK47. Hmmm.

Be well!

10 August 2019

Two Titans

Teen Titans that is. I finished up Beast Boy and Robin (after repairing his significant damage) yesterday, along with the three animal form models for BB.

Dove and Raven are next in line, but of course there are also some Infinity models that have been half-painted for months just begging to be finished. I actually painted on them a bit last evening just to get them moving along - they're at that rut stage where the block colors are mostly done and they need to progress to the cleanup, highlight and shading phases. I often get stopped at this point on models while I psych myself up for what seems like a lot of work but more often than not is a fairly productive two-hour burst.

Of course there's this monstrosity that's still just primed.

Ender says "hi." Yeah. This godforsaken dragon thing still mocks me. I shall work on it. I must.

No gaming planned for today which is a tragedy. I may drive out to Lions for X-Wing, but that remains to be decided.

07 August 2019

Painted Things

I have been working sporadically on the painting queue over the last few weeks. I got the itch to finish up some 3mm middle eastern style buildings from Game Craft. I bought two packs a year or more ago and only ever finished one set of 17. Now I've got more than I'm likely to ever need.
They're "matboard" and went together very easily with some carpenter's glue.

The other sizeable painting project was some 28-32mm interior scenery for Infinity and Batman. I picked up the Starship Scenery Terrain Crate from Mantic and was pleasantly surprised with it. The components are all single-piece medium hard plastic. They're a bit softer than a model kit but way more solid than Reaper Bones. I spray-primed the first handful black and the paint would never set - it stayed wet and tacky for days. After a long soak in 90% isopropyl alcohol, I tidied them up and simply hand-primed with el cheapo black art paint. I've still got a few pieces to go, but am very happy with the results and assortment.

These workbench tables are wobbly and I based them on thin plastic to keep them upright.

An awesome mix of scatter terrain that'll really dress up some secret hideouts.

05 August 2019

Weekend Gaming

I actually got it a good amount of gaming on Saturday after what's felt like too long. Two games of X-Wing got me started. I was mercilessly beaten in both games by a couple of regulars at Savannah Lions game store. The two players who taught me a thing or two are both big into the competitive X-Wing scene out there. A learning experience for me to be sure but it was fun nonetheless.

After X-Wing, Mark and I got in a couple more game! First up was Dragon Rampant. I pulled out two lists and set up the table. Mark chose a force  (Time Travelers) and we played the Sacred Mole of Ukkert scenario.

The Time Travelers had to transport the Sacred Mole from corner to corner while my Dark Elves were tasked with stopping them and taking the Sacred Mole for themselves!

Witchy-Poo gets a bit froggy and decides to take the fight to the enemy. The impetuous Raveners stayed back in the woods.

The enemy. Roman cavalry, Amazons, Musketeers and Dr. What.

The spellcasters lob spells back and forth. My crossbowmen and Executioners advance. Witchy has retreated to the woods - all that standing out in the open nonsense is for the birds!

The Executioners and Amazons catch up with each other. It's an excellent matchup - my elite foot versus heavy foot with mystical armor! A few combat rounds later though, the Amazons' nerve breaks and they quit the field. 

The cavalry quickly take their place and smash into the Executioners! They wipe each other out. A good trade I think for the Dark Elves - one unit for two?

The Reavers break out of the woods to threaten the Musketeers. Time to start applying pressure while the Time Travelers are on their heels!

But before long, the crossbowmen and Witchy drive off the gunners leaving just the time traveling Dr. What alone with the Mole. A few hits later and What fell back. We ended the game there.

A lot of fun! It was great to play a straightforward swords, bows and spells battle. I really must put DR on the table more often.

Since that was a relatively quick game, we went in for another, this time Wings of Glory WW2.

A very ahistorical match-up, but who cares, right? Mark was on a bombing run with a B-25 and P-47 escort while I tried to intercept with an FW190 and Bf110. I also had a Bf109 as a reserve.

This sums things up tidily. I drew every single "special" damage chit in the dadgummed cup. Within the first three turns, the 190 had a wounded pilot, engine damage and could only turn right. The 110 could also only turn right and was smoking. The Yanks on the other hand were in the catbird seat.

The 109 made an appearance since I was getting my ass handed to me. It quickly also took a rudder hit and could only turn left. 😖

Eventually the game came to an end. I set the bomber aflame, then continued to hammer it with gunfire sending it earthward. The godforsaken Thunderbolt finally put the 190 out of its misery. 

Aside from or perhaps due to the atrocious chit pulls, it was a memorable, hilarious, wonderful game! I decided back in February at Rapier that I'll never go to another game con without taking the WOG stuff and this game is exactly why. It's an excellent, easy system that anyone can learn in about 120 seconds. So glad I've splashed the cash on my collection over the last few years.

03 August 2019

Entirely Too Much Irony

Let me tell you a little story about two fellows named Ski and Dick and a girl name Carrie. A few weeks ago, during a game of Batman, Carrie suffered a tragic injury.
An accident, to be sure. But I ask you, was not the Hindenburg disaster an accident? No matter, Carrie was put back together and even today is in fine condition with no stain of her recent maiming.

Not long after that incident, Ski purchased a set of new models for Batman, the Teen Titans box set.
Scads of interesting characters. Neat costumes. Dick.

The first few models I chose to paint were Beast Boy, his three animal forms and Robin / Dick Grayson.

Yesterday, a half-painted and presumably precariously balanced Dick was knocked to the floor and trodden upon by SWMBO. An accident, to be sure. But I ask you, was not the Texas City disaster an accident?

Methinks the red/green/yellow uniform is jinxed.

Post script.

The model is mostly repaired. The knee break is being truculent. He's lost the bo staff permanently but the model looks OK without it.