29 May 2012


Got in another game of Modern Spearhead over the weekend - this time the Germans were attacking the Polish Regiment. I didn't get much in the way of pictures - we are still in a learning mode with MSH - but had a good time anyway. The two forces got thrashed pretty badly but in the end, my last viable Battalion passed a morale test and his Panzergrenadier Battalion failed its test. We need to play a smaller game one weekend and focus on close combat and town sectors just to get those parts of the rules straight in our heads.
I'm going to start construction of an old Texaco station this week. It will be for Flying Lead. I'm going to put together an early 1960's Anytown, USA Sci-Fi setup. I've made some flying saucers and have some 50's/60's US Army types on order to be the National Guard. I've found some nice Greys to be my "Little Green Men" and am keeping an eye out for a walker / giant robot for the spacemen. Here are some in-progress shots of the spaceships. They are made from the plastic bubbles that hold the prizes in grocery-store vending machines.

The saucers have been completed and now are just waiting for a game. I painted the inside of the domes with glow-in-the-dark paint so the windows glow. I'll put some finished pics up when I get home.

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