11 December 2012

More "Gamer" Q&A

From Phil at http://philbancients.blogspot.com/

Have you ever...
* Sliced the end of your finger while prepping figures
Yes – lots of times. The bloodiest cut was one I didn’t even feel. I was working on an Epic Warlord Titan back around 1992 and opened my finger. 20-30 seconds later I looked down at the page I was referencing to select the weapon loadout it was covered with blood.

* Shaking a bottle of paint you used earlier but did not put the lid back on properly
Yes. Shit goes straight to clothing, painted minis and walls, not paint rags and messy painting area.

* Knocked over a pot of paint while painting
Yes. Always and only ever black paint. Oh, also dumped a bottle of liquid plastic cement over too. That was probably the worst thing ever.

* Dropped a part while gluing it to never find it again

* Dropped a figure / model while painting it - and breaking it.

* Dropped a figure when painting and lost it
Not that I remember. I have lost a couple down the sink drain while stripping old paint.

* Spilled paint on the floor and blamed the kids / dog / ghost / Santa
No. I man up and take the blame.

* Claimed a 'cocky dice' when it shows a '1' and happens to be touching a model or piece of scenery.

* Claimed your opponents dice to be cocky when it shows a '6' - as it touched a crease of the cloth, rolled onto a piece of paper etc.
I always ask my opponent if they care to re-roll it.

* Bought a dice tower - then gave up using it.
Hell no. Dice towers are the devil’s work.

* Made your own dice tower.
See my previous answer.

* Gone to move some figures and found some Macedonian Pike / British Napoleonics etc. stuck in the sleeve of your jumper
No. I don’t play a lot of “speary” games though.

* Put some polystyrene cement on insulation foam - just to see what it does
Oh yes.

* Glued your fingers together with Superglue
Yes, glued myself to a few miniatures as well.

* Left a paint lid open overnight
Yes. Sadness.

* Filed or cut a bit of 'flash' off a figure only to find that it was supposed to be there
Yes. That’s how you can tell my miniatures from all others.

* Painted Gauls or other 'colourful' troops in football / sporting colours
Space Marines. Plenty of others.

* Used noxious chemicals to strip paint off figures - without adhering to ANY of the safety guidelines.
Yes. Back when I lived in my old apartment.

* Dreamed of converting your lounge / dining room / garage / bedroom into a games room.
Yes. Still a pipe dream.

* Converted your lounge / dining room / garage / bedroom into a games room.

* Bought paint at a show - and found you already had a full pot of the same paint when you got home.
No. hahahaha.

* Bought a tool especially for modeling - and never used it.
Yeah. I have a pin vice that is pretty much a decoration.

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