08 November 2013

Very Recently Painted

Finished up some stuff this evening while the little lady was at belly dancing class. First up is an H&R 1/300 Harrier for my MSH US Marines. 

Insignia is hand-painted and close enough for government work. 

Next up is the Turkish Fleet. Great War, BABY! Yeah, never done any WWI stuff and Victory at Sea was very enjoyable when I played with James months ago. I picked up "Age of Dreadnoughts" and the Hallmark/Figurehead Turkish and Russian Black Sea Fleets. The ships are 1/6000 scale and are positively microscopic. The Russians are still frickin' back-ordered. 

So, teeny ships. Well, I was very happy with how they painted up. Here are the progress shots.

The entire fleet on a large FOW base next to a 1/72 StuG.

I picked up some business-card magnets which are sticky on one side and gave the fleet a magnetic base. These are going to be some upscale boats.

Fast Forward...

Ta-dum! A finished product.

Another pic without the flash.

So, if you've ever been curious about Figurehead's line of ships, they are very nice and give a great result, but they are probably smaller than you're thinking. The bases are included with the ships and the bases have molded in waves. The destroyers were cast as single pieces, whereas the larger ships needed to be glued onto their bases. 

I  have Shipwreck and Modern Spearhead tomorrow. Excitement! Have a good weekend!

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