09 December 2013

Dystopian Wars - Blockade Running 101

A group of us got together Sunday afternoon for a game of Dystopian Wars at Morningstar Games in Savannah. Mike put a scenario together with the Prussians and the EoBS allies trying to land some reinforcements in Southern England with a British fleet intercepting. I used a Prussian all airship force of a Carrier, 2 Pflichts and 3 Speerwurfs. My teammate David took 3 EoBS Gunships and 6 Frigates. We were to escort 6 small and 2 large landing craft. We allowed the Frigates to operate as Escorts for this scenario, staying within 4 inches of their charge and able to provide AA and CC defense.

The British opposition (Mike and Anson)  was a surface Carrier, 2 Cruisers, 2 Hawks, 9 Frigates and 3 Destroyers.

Here are some blurry photos of our setups. 
The tiny fliers from my Carrier were two groups of 3 fighters. David's ten were two groups of 5 Torpedo Bombers.

The Brits. They had sixteen fighter tokens up as a greeting party for my arimada.

Turn 1 was just movement for all parties involved. The rough seas (-1d4 movement for all surface ships) slowed the Brits down but nothing tremendous happened. The squall templates were considered opaque for LOS purposes and moved 1d10 inches in a random direction every turn. The squalls also would drag flying models with them when they moved, if they hit or contained fliers.

See! Stuff moved!

Turn 2
Dave lines up some shots on the British Cruisers with his Gunships. They did nothing.

The return fire was effective. A Gunship gets critted.

A few moments later, the lead Cruiser is zapped by the Prussian Carrier and the Speerwurfs.

Turn 3
The British Destroyers break from the pack and take shots at the escorting Frigates and also get a lucky hit on one of the Pflichts.

The damage was quickly avenged. Scratch two Orions. They attempted to board the third ship but failed terribly.

The Japanese Gunships finished off the wounded Cruiser and damaged the other. The Speerwurfs swooped in and their boarding parties captured the ship.

Frigates claim one of the Speerwurfs.

Back on the other side, Mike and Anson threw everything they could muster at the Scout Airships - two flights of fighters, AA from three Frigates and shots from one of the Hawks. The Pflicht was severely damaged but remained aloft! Fine German quality on display.

Turn 4.
We played though a couple of actions of turn 4, mainly to see if the Brits could sink a transport, but the shots missed wildly. The Brits hit their breakpoint after the Gunships blasted some Frigates and we called the game there.

The Prussian / EoBS side only lost a Speerwurf and two Frigates, whereas the KoB lost two Cruisers (one Prized), two Destroyers and countless Frigates.

We all had a good time and I enjoyed playing with a different faction for a change. The Prussians are a lot different than my usual EoBS guys. I've never used a carrier before - that was kind of neat. There were some rather memorable moments - at one point I had a flight of Fighters get wiped out by British Fighters, only to have two resurrect back to the table with "Acrobatic Pilots." Mike was incredulous!

Thanks to Mike, David and Anson for the entertaining game!


  1. Love the table and scenery - great use of CDs! Excellent report!


  2. Really enjoyed the game. Thanks for the write up!