23 February 2014

Dystopian Wars - Big Dumb Ships

Or, "Why I hate game designers sometimes."

Ziggy and I met up at Morningstar Games Saturday for a 1000 point game of Dystopian Wars. It was to be a fairly run-of-the-mill naval battle except that Zig decided to take a Dreadnought. In his defense, he's had the model for quite a while and never used it in a game. A 1000-pointer is just the excuse. I also wanted to field some stuff I'd not yet played with, so I of course took my carrier and hover-squid, amongst others. Mike controlled a handful of my units sporadically through the game while waiting for his opponent to show up for a Civil War game. He normally plays with Brits and was quite fascinated by all the neat gizmos the EoBS has.

I did a terrible job of photo-documenting the action, so this is a rather spotty AAR.

Our starting dispositions. As you can see, the Brits are still in their finest Antarctic "penguin" camo. I really should see if he wants me to paint his stuff.

Some early action. Zig's Destroyers get walloped in the center after loosing their torps. One of his Rotors becomes a rocket magnet for all of my cruisers.

Ziggy feigns sentience while Alan looks on. I used to play Blood Bowl with Alan at Comic Box years ago. He played with Lizardmen and was rather good as I recall.

Photo number 4. In this scene we see my carrier has taken a bit of a thumping and that the Japanese fleet is a bit more aggressive than the British.

Although these Frigates of mine had taken hits, I was able to get them into a primo spot for a bi-directional broadside. They didn't last long after that, but I got my money's worth.

Notice now how my Frigates have dropped ninja smoke and disappeared. My carrier is hanging on by a thread. 

And in our final shot, we see that my Gunships have boarded one of the Hawks and left it derelict. Two of the mini-squids tried to "board" the other Hawk but weren't successful.

I think after four turns, Mike and I had stripped Ziggy of everything but his Dreadnought and its Escorts. We'd taken out nearly 700 points of stuff and suffered 350 points of casualties. Zig blew up my Carrier, revenge for the Great Carrier Disaster of 2013.We didn't make a serious attempt at the Dreadnought - with its escorts it was virtually impossible for us to scratch, let alone sink. At least I won't have to see the big dumb thing in a game for a while now.

My carrier is going to take some using before I figure out how to employ it properly. There's no way it can handle being a centerpiece. The Hover Squid on the other hand is a bad mother. I look forward to using that thing again!

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