02 March 2014

More Space Shoot-Em-Up

Ziggy and Dennis came over for another playtest session for my still-untitled space ship fightin' game. The primary test element was to be small craft - Fighters and Attack Craft.

Without getting bogged down too deeply into the horrifying results of the scenario which saw Ziggy and Dennis run roughshod over my fleet, it was another very good test of my game system. The weapons for the Small Craft need to be toned down - they are frightful in their current state. Aside from their lethality, I was very happy with their life-span on the tabletop - not too easy to kill, not too difficult.We didn't use any purpose-built defensive ships like Escorts which should really manhandle Small Craft.

Some pictures...
My TnT (Tan N Teal) ships head forward to the gap in the Asteroid Field that the Reds and GnG (Gold n Green) are rushing through. The battle was in the same system as the previous battle featured on my blog. The Tans have a base on the moon at the bottom of the frame which has a large asteroid field surrounding it. Prime real-estate, really.
The swine.

My carrier releases its cargo of fighters and attack craft that look suspiciously like 20th century aircraft.

My TnTs make a valiant last-stand to no avail and are soon wiped out.

The scenario balance sucked big time. All of the attackers' forces were channeled through the gap, resulting in one big-ass fleet that the defender couldn't deal with. One obstacle in the center, splitting the fleets, would have resulted in a better-balanced scenario. Ah well, that's what playtesting is for, right? It was a fun time and the rules are perilously close to being 1.0 Finished!

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