11 June 2014

Recently Finished - Orion Pirates

I picked up two handsful of Star Fleet Battles Orion ships a couple weeks ago at a hefty discount. I painted them up over the weekend and have just gotten around to taking finished pictures of them. The paint job is a bit strange - I must explain it. When my wife saw the primed minis on my painting table she remarked that they looked frog-like and that I should paint them as such. I ran with it since at that point I didn't have a good idea of my own. A quick Google search for arrow-poison frogs later and I had plenty of source material to go with.

I did drill out the bottoms of the ship and installed small magnets in the ships and I put magnets atop the bases. At least I won't have any "peg snappage issues."

I actually took pictures of the entire process which is a rarity for me.

Drilled out with magnets installed

Bases with magnets

Working on the red bellies

 The primed squadron

Basic colors - getting froggy with it!
Some drybrushing to highlight the edges... and voila - the finished group! I picked out some of the details to break up the froggy colors. I like glossy finishes - I know it results in bad pictures but there's not accounting for taste!

I may number the bases to make it easy to differentiate between models during a game. In SFB, I can't see using the whole group at a time but I could easily field the whole mess in StarDust - they'll get their first trip to the tabletop soon enough.

I've also been working on a pile of 1/600 aircraft for Check Your Six Jet Age - Zig and I are going to try that out this weekend. I'll certainly post some pics.

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  1. Fond memories of the old SFB line. I love the "frog camo".