03 July 2014

RP and a Goodie!

Before you judge me, they were 75% off.

I picked up a handful of DW Frenchies on FRPGames.com a few weeks ago for very cheap. I know, the last thing I need is a third army / navy for Dystopian Wars but in all honesty I have been looking at models and have been strongly considering picking up some French, Antarctican or Russian ships.

The going has been slow, but I started with these Submarines.

Classic French blue. I used these models as a paint scheme test and I'm rather happy with it. They'll certainly stand out against the other navies I play against regularly. I've got a load of hover-ships in the queue now in various states of completeness. More pics as they occur.

In other exciting news, my hex mat showed up yesterday from Monday Knight Productions.

It's the "Economy" 4 X 6 Desert with 1.5" hexes. The other side is unmarked and will be good for any of my usual land games.

I'm out of town for the 4th but will be back for Star Fleet Battles on Sunday. Be well!

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