22 August 2014

Metal Militia!

At the prodding of Ziggy, I've gotten started on a robot army for StarDust: Ground. I ordered a handful of some very nice mechanical men from Rebel Minis and have churned through the first 30 or so very quickly.

Nothing fancy. Silver with orange eyes and black / drybrushed guns. Since these pictures they've been hit with a black magic wash.

Sexier still are these...
They are Star Wars Super Battle Droids taken from a copy of Star Wars Risk that I've had for ages. They are tall for 15mm, which actually suits them very well - they are tall and imposing. They'll make very good elite troops for the robot army. These stands have been completed and I'll do some group shots when I've got the rest of the gang together.

Tomorrow is more Great War and Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts at Morningstar.

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