14 December 2014

Home-Made Goodness

So, the great bout with vertigo is easing up a bit. I'm here to tell you, don't get it. I was unable to do anything worthwhile for days. I was finally comfortable painting a bit on Friday. I'm doing well now - it only really flares up when I lay my head down or bend over - major head-position changes. That, I can deal with.

So, with a week's worth of creative juices stored up, what did I do today? I made some space ships of course! Our monthly Star Fleet Battles game is next Sunday and having rolled on the "random ship generator" I was dealt a force of two ISC PFs (fast patrol craft) for the game. Now most folks would have proxied something but no, a challenge like this doesn't come around very often so I decided to make some.

Step 1 - hulls. I commandeered some DW packaging and cut out 6 triangular shapes for the ship hulls.

They aren't big at all, but then again, neither are PFs.

Step 2 - add the cylindrical sections. Some carefully cut-up toothpicks worked nicely.

I of course put magnets on the bottoms so they'd marry up with my flight stands.

Step 3 - paint 'em up! I haven't got any other ISC ships yet, so I went with a bright-as-day light orange.The leader has the green stripe, the EW craft has the white stripe.

Not too shabby at all for about 2 hours of work invested. I can't wait to have a go with them next Sunday!

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