05 January 2015

Some Weekend Gaming

I managed a bit of gaming over the weekend, and even got my wife to sit down and play for a bit. I tried her out on Anima Tactics. It's a simple enough system, although we disregarded the characters' special abilities in the interest of simplicity. Of course doing so reduces one's options in the game but it was still fun. My group is Azure Alliance while my wife was using Black Sun nasties.

We set up a graveyard-themed battlefield. Many of her characters were undead so that was pretty fitting. This was also the debut of the Japanese hut I'd made a few months ago.

For the most part, our warbands duked it out in the middle of the field. There was some trickeration involved with trying to get the other person to burn all their action tokens to prevent dodges later in the turn.

Ender wanted to see what was going on. He approved.

 Ender's look-alike was the first to go.

He was soon followed by the scantily-clad lass who was the focus of much attention in the earlier photo (three pics back).

Deadmoon and Jerry (the gal with the cloak and the brown and orange fellow) weapon-high-five after bringing down the raven-laden goth.
The bird-brain in his new home.

The cemetery was rapidly filling up with fresh corpses. I guess some of those corpses weren't really so fresh after all.

The final critter in her group falls - a flying Frankenstein's monster that Jerome had actually been fighting for much of the game. He'd broken away from it earlier to help Deadmoon in her fight but the pair were reunited to end the game.

I really want to try AT again playing the right way, with special abilities, etc. I think after the play through, Wifey won't have any trouble with it.

Saturday evening I didn't feel like setting up the gaming table so Zig and I played X-Wing. He doesn't play very often, not that I do, but I do play a lot more than him. We did 120 points and He took the Rebels. I was happy to use the evil Empire - I normally play with the Rebels and wanted the change of pace.

Our initial setups. I took two high-end TIE Interceptors, the shuttle (for comedy purposes) and Vader.

Part way through. I hammered the Y-Wing from the get-go. I'm not a fan of Ion Turrets.

As things wore on, the shuttle and Carnor Jax's red Interceptor were blasted to bits as was the B-Wing.

A few turns later, Wedge Antilles killed off the second Interceptor while Vader took out the Red Shirt X-Wing. Which left us with this:
Lord Vader and Wedge in a fly-by. We flew around for maybe ten turns. I hit him a few times, he shot me once. Neither one of us could get a definitive advantage so we declared it a draw. It was a damn good game with a great ending.

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