18 January 2016


Posts have been rather scarce here lately. The last few weeks have been pretty intense at work and I've got three more weeks of four-alarm craziness ahead.Apart from getting a promotion to department manager, I inherited all of the office-move coordination responsibilities the previous IT Manager volunteered for. Next weekend is go-time for move #1. The following two weekends will be other (different) office moves.

I have gotten in gaming in the meantime, and painting too! We played out monthly SFB game last week Sunday (the tenth) and I got in a game of Dystopian Wars with Zig Saturday evening that was an instant classic 6-turn, 4+ hour epic. I'll post AARs eventually.

I slapped that Gnomecon banner up there last week, but it seems that the Gnomecon leadership and coordination is in disarray. I signed up to host StarDust Ground, but haven't yet heard anything back. Not sure what's going to happen with Gnomecon... I'm disappointed. Well, if nothing else, me and the fam will head down and goof on board games for a couple days.

Be well!

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  1. Congrats on the promotion. Shame though that work seems so often to become the curse of the gaming classes ;-)