02 May 2016

Sabre Squadron AAR - Airfield Raid (scenario playtest)

Zig and I played a rather entertaining game of Sabre Squadron on Saturday evening. It was a playtest for a game I hope to run on Memorial Day weekend. Our game featured my two African Imagin-Nations armies of Litumsia - the WPA and the MCC.

The scenario features a WPA (Worker's Party Army - loyalists) airstrip under attack by MCC (Militia Campaign for the New Congress - rebels) forces. I wanted to try out some bells and whistles, so each side gets a plane and the WPA have a helicopter.

Zig opted for the commie rebels, so I deployed my starter platoons. The popsicle sticks are chain-link fences which slow down infantry. 

Straw poll - should RPGs be allowed to fire through chain-link fences or would the rocket's fuse likely trigger when it hits the fence?

The MCC were required to capture three buildings, not including the tower.

The MiG and helo began the game grounded. They both had to take off during turn 1.

The MCC noise-makers. Four M46es, two AMX13 and a load of jeeps with infantry.

By turn two, the rebels had cut the fence and started filtering through.

My whirlybird unloads a rocket pod at the insurgents, taking out a few stands.

Insurgent fire at my nearest squad is very effective.

To make things worse, the dadgummed MCC "airforce" shows up and strafes my helo with cannon fire. My helo was forced to retreat, playing no further part in the battle. Curse those mercenary pilots!

Aha! My heavy armor arrives. Things are looking up.

The MCC tanks detour off the road, not wanting to find out how effective my Chinese surplus tanks are.

Meanwhile, the AMX13s zip across the road, into the woods. Their armor would never hold up against the big tanks' guns.

 A new entry into the book of grudges. This godforsaken recoilless rifle jeep absolutely wrecked my right flank. It had just finished off my platoon in the woods in this picture.

The Jaguar returns and puts three bombs on a pair of my PT-76es. One of my tanks explodes sadly.

Sensing doom, my platoon in the hangar reveal themselves, killing a jeep, suppressing another and killing an AMX13 with a rocket! Not terrible.

 The remaining AMX13 and jeep group go hog-wild and thrash them in return.

But things turn again as the WPA heavy tanks destroy two of the big Pattons.

An RPG takes out my last light tank. My right flank has officially disintegrated. This was the somewhat controversial "shot through the fence" mentioned earlier. Please comment if you have any real-world experience with how that shot might play out.

The WPA forces are routed and I throw in the towel. I was on the back foot much of the fight, but it was very enjoyable! I may add a couple of guns to the defenders next time to give them a bit more starch. My reinforcements arrived slowly and didn't do much, although the big tanks were quite useful. My lazy MiG driver only made one ineffective pass before heading for safer territory. I think my helo could have been a lot nastier - I think I missed an opportunity with it.

Sabre Squadron is a damn fine game and this scenario proved to be a good one. Looking forward to the re-play in a few weeks!


  1. Chain link fence triggers the fuse on a RPG, so no, you can't shoot through them. Think of the mesh anti RPG screens of modern tanks and aPC's, same effect. Always a pleasure to read your reports.

  2. Nice report. The more I see of it the more I like the sound of this game.


    1. Your 6mm collection would lend itself well. SS is a lot different from Modern Spearhead and is a nice change.

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  4. Great report and nice to see some antique armour (AMX-13, BTR-152 etc) in action. I particularly enjoyed the 'sound effects' on some of the photos.