12 June 2016

AAR - CY6JA - Vietnam Dogfight

David and I got together for a game of CY6 on Saturday evening. It'd been a while since the tiny planes were on the table and it was a really good time. The scenario was two USN F-4Bs intercepting two MiG-19s (J-6es) returning to their airfield. David chose the Americans so I got to drive the always sexy gun-only MiGs.

Our initial disposition. The white thing is the airfield.

David plots...
Our spectator.

With my slower speed and tight turning ability, I got a shot in early, but missed.
The Navy pilots decide that some separation is in order. I pursue but the Phantoms have a strong head start and loads of fuel.
One of the Americans gets a lock-on and fires two Sparrows. Both crash into the canopy below, missing my plane by a significant margin.
The yellow plane's maneuver left me in a great position to guess his next move and I was able to get both of my MiGs in position to hit him. Flight leader's shots were true and caused major engine damage to the big American aircraft.

But as he focused on his target, the warning tone in his ear was just background noise. Two Sidewinders from the other American leapt out and one exploded just behind his plane. The MiG swirled out of control and into the jungle below. Major Huang parachuted safely.
The final moments of a gorgeous plane.
The engine damage and subsequent speed loss of the F-4 made it very easy to predict where it would be so my remaining plane eased on over and gave him all three barrels. Scratch one Phantom.
But similarly to the previous turn, two more Sidewinders streaked out from the flight leader's plane. Again, one found it's mark and with that, both of my planes had been downed.

Good game, David! There was quite a bit of jockeying for position that isn't evident in the AAR. We played twelve turns and it wasn't until turn eleven that we both managed to get into a very deadly situation. As soon as we were close though, it got really ugly.

CY6:JA again proves to be very entertaining, I just don't bring it out often enough. I have a few new planes in the mail coming from Tumbling Dice in Jolly Old, so I'm sure there is more CY6 in my future.

Be well and good gaming!


  1. What manufacture of minis do you use? Bases?
    The game looks fun as always. Thanks for the post.

  2. I'm reasonably sure those minis are all Tumbling Dice, though they could also be Pico Armor. Either way, they're 1/600 scale and cheap as chips.

    The bases are Litko with the pegs cut to different lengths so that planes in adjacent hexes would be unlikely to bump each other. The pegs are topped with magnets and the planes also have magnets.

    I probably have 60+ planes but only 12 stands. Occasionally the magnets snap off the pegs but they're pretty easy to re-attach. I'm glad you enjoyed the report!