10 July 2016

AAR: Eastern Front Micro Armor

David and I pulled out the WW2 micro armor last evening for a couple hours of Eastern Front shoot-em-up. Given our current, rather small collections, and our relative inexperience with the rules, it was a simple tank-on-tank affair. I took two companies of late model Panzer IVs while David's force was a battalion of T-34/85s. I set up the scenario as a breakthrough - my Panzers would try to prevent the Russians from breaking past across the battlefield. The Soviets had 12 turns to exit five or more stands from the far edge.

Most of the battlefield. Dave's 10 stands are on the far right, heading left. My 9 stands are spread out, those furthest east are watching the bridge.

A couple of turns in, the Reds are right on top of the bridge and my fire hasn't been very effective. The two platoons who'd been positioned watching down the road have re-positioned into the near woods.

It's a Soviet jailbreak over the bridge! I was able to get David to move first and took advantage of some flanking opportunities. It was the only way I'd get through the T-34's improved armor.

First blood, David.

But I was able to capitalize on my flank maneuvers and bagged one of his in return.

A turn later, not wanting to get embroiled in a drawn-out slugging match that I couldn't win, I sent my platoons from the village over to the hill to get move flank opportunities. If the Russians wanted to fight me, they'd have to throw their attack into reverse.

The plan worked well enough, but I lost some more Panzers.

Turn 6 - David has wisely kept his group moving - my group from the hill pursued.

 In quick succession, one kill...

And another! Things are looking good for the Germans now.

A turn on, the Russians continue their advance - they really need to exit stands off the edge! My tanks take up firing positions, hoping to bag a few more of the horde.

The platoons open fire on Panzers in the treeline and wreck them

David's movement orders were crap but he did manage to get one stand off the board!

While five more T-34 stands got within one move of exiting! Not good at all!

Another platoon of Russian tanks is knocked out, while a second platoon exits the board.

By turn ten, there are but two Soviet platoons left - three have safely exited.

They get a bit of long-distance retribution, killing off my battalion commander before the last of the Soviets are wiped out.

My remaining forces. David managed to exit three platoons off the map - not terrible, but not enough to win.

For a "thrown together" scenario, it turned out to be pretty well balanced. I was really worried that 12 turns was much too much time to give the Reds. GHQ's rules are nicely put together and the unusual sequence of play requires you to think about things a bit in advance - you can't just push lead in a reactionary fashion as with most games. It was good to get the tiny tanks back on the table.


  1. Nice AAR and the tanks look very good too.

    1. Thanks! Those tanks really need to get out more.

  2. GHQ's rules are great I've played them many times. They remind me of a more sophisticated version of Panzerblitz.

    1. Not to mention the fact that they're free! I've got one quibble with them that I'd like to house-rule away, but they really are excellent.

  3. It was a awesome game match. I've learned some more about the GHQ rules in this match up. I would play some more Micro Armor in the future. Thanks for hosting.