05 November 2016

Dystopian Wars AAR - Meet The Poles

Zig brought out his Polish-Lithuanian  force for DW for the first time last Saturday. He's done a great job painting them and I was thrilled to finally have a go at them. We put together 1200-point forces and I used Prussians which hadn't made it onto the table in quite a while.

 The Prussian force deployed. For my mission, I drew "destroy 50% including all mediums." At long last a mission card I approved of.

And the PLC. Poor Z was tasked with destroying all three of my Large and Massive units.

He's done a very nice job with the paintbrush! Too bad they'd all have to deal with the "just painted" curse.

Early into the proceedings my Imperium Sky Fort double-crits a bombard from range 4. This was promising!

The forces move together.

Easily my favorite DW model - the Seydlitz mobile airfield. The Polish recon plane had marked it as an artillery target.

My single greatest shot ever in DW. The Sturmpanzer targeted a distant flame tank, causing a magazine explosion! The ensuing explosion critted two of the flame tank's squadron-mates and completely wiped out a squadron of small tanks just in front. Six kills in one shot. That's efficiency!

It wasn't all fun and games though as the Imperium began taking hits. Oh the humanity!

A turn later and the mighty sky fortress was brought down. This was the first time I'd ever had it destroyed in a game.

Z's joy was fleeting though as my bombards (lower left) rained fiery doom on the Polish Rarog mega-tank. You can't see it here, but I also managed a magazine explosion crit on it to the tune of 5 damage. Zig was incredulous. The Sturmpazer finished it off a few activations later.

Speaking of Sturmpanzers...

Turn three got off to a brutal start with the Polish sky fortress and Grom sliding forward and hitting my A9-V with a mighty triple-crit! No magazine explosions or other wackiness, just a big smoking wreck.

But the crazy crits weren't yet exhausted. Some Polish mediums rolled up to a squadron of A6-Vs, magazine explosioning one. The explosion killed off two nearby infantry stands, triggered a Sturginium Flare in a squadmate and wrecked the engine of a third tank. Awesome.

I put a lot of effort into killing the Grom and then the Zamiec, but I just couldn't bring down the big carrier. 

After three turns, the score was Prussians - 735, Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth - 505. Ziggy still had to bring down my undamaged Seydlitz while I only had one more medium to finish off. We decided to call the game there with the Prussians firmly in the driver's seat.

The PLC are scary. They're a close-range faction with enough tools to get up close and personal without much trouble. I had a few very exceptional attacks that took the wind out of Zig's sails throughout the game - the morale hit was noticeable. Now that the "new army" curse has been burned off, I am very worried about my next game against them. Honestly, I was trying my damnedest to keep them at bay as long as possible. The Prussian land forces did not disappoint and although my force is very 1.0, they're strong contenders - I do enjoy playing with them.

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