31 December 2016

2016 Mic Drop

Go on, 2016, get out of here!

I've had a terrible time getting any painting done since Christmas - it's just been busy and weird with family over, etc. I was able to essentially finish up Madame Liberte last evening though! The base hasn't been done, but the hard part is in the books.

She's big, for sure, but given the size of the Vauban and some of the mobile airfields, I was expecting colossal. I am fully aware that at her age, ML shouldn't yet have a green patina but it makes her more recognizable and I like the look. It's sure better that the ugly gray that Spartan's painters chose.

Santa brought me a couple of gaming goodies...
The Riddler's gang. Good painting subjects at the least and since I was able to snag the rules at no charge, quite playable! I'll need to pick up an OpFor (oh, so sad...)

Mike has been pressuring David and I to take the dive. Good Lord the rules are so brutally written. Star Fleet Battles is positively elegant by comparison. I may just pop a couple of counters out and step though the OOP slowly to start getting the hang of things.

Ziggy and I did get in a game of Dystopian Wars on Boxing Day while the rest of America was at its nearest mall brawling. He brought out the Polish again, this time against my French army. No full AAR, but a few pics:
This was the first time I used a Rousseau heavy bomber (the big beautiful white thing). It's good, but not great by any stretch.

Itty bitty French tanks nip the ankles of the Polish landship in the shadow of the Zamiec sky fortress.

My N3 begins to have major issues.

And then the Zamiec and friend boarded and captured the Rousseau. Booo.

We got through most of three turns before dinner pulled us away. Ziggy was way ahead on points, something like 450 to 220. He scored nearly all of his points in that third turn, while during turn three I missed EVERY SINGLE SHOT I FIRED. Could have crippled the Zamiec and eliminated the big landship, but it was not to be. An entertaining game and a positive result for the Polish side who had been worrying Zig; he's spent a good bit of time and money on them - a second terrible game in a row would have been poorly received for sure.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be wonderful for all of you. Stay safe and catch you on the flip-side.

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