09 July 2017

Sunday X-Wing

Another boring old X-Wing post, though my wife and I did get in a few board/card games yesterday afternoon and evening with another couple. We played Pandemic, Skull King and Betrayal at House on the Hill. All were quite enjoyable.

Today's X-Wing games were with David. We're both trying to get tuned for the tournament we'll be playing in next month.

I know it doesn't look like much... I tried out this S&V group and it was a LOT better than I anticipated.

The HWK had an unfortunate early visit with the Decimator. It died early after irritating David for a couple of turns.

But then I got the Decimator in positon to get thumped and gave it a good whipping.

After it had been dealt with, the G-1 and Starfighter's big guns worked well against the lightly-built TIEs and I wiped out the lot with no further losses. A shocking victory for my rabble.

The next game, David tweaked things a bit, dumping a cheap TIE and upgrading the Decimator to "damn scary." I used the same Rebel group from last weekend that had worked well. I made mistakes early and often.

Some time later, my last ship, the E-Wing, had run for the corner knowing the Deci wouldn't dare follow. The part you didn't see was David finally getting frustrated wasting time with my E-Wing and focusing on the T-70 X-Wing and YT-2400 which were easier targets. Morningstar was busy today - a Magic pre-release tournament, 40K, Runewars and Warmachine were also in play.

Vader finally finished me off. Oh well.

The second game was a lot more constructive than the first. I got a great lesson in where that squadron is weak. David's second list was a major improvement over his first. My dilemma now is, do I try to correct my weaknesses or simply try to play to my strengths? I will definitely dump the tractor beam on the YT-2400 - in two games it hasn't been used at all. Since the squad was only 99 points, that gives me a couple points to play with. The Scum list was a lot of fun but it'd need to test it a couple more times to become a believer.

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