10 June 2018

Recent Painting

Yeah, I know this blog has been a ghost town lately. No good explanation other than a relative lack of productivity and gaming. Zig and I did get in a game of X-Wing last weekend but with only two pics, it didn't seem overly blogworthy. In the interest of "pics or it didn't happen..."

I have done a little bit of hobby-related painting and thing-making. First up was this bus stop shelter I made for the Batman game a few weeks ago.

It turned out nicely in my opinion. The gap between the roof and side, very evident in the third picwas just something I couldn't get around. Trying to get the clear plastic bent properly and then attaching it to the structure was not a simple ask.

Last weekend I got the itch (no not that itch!) to paint some tanks so I ordered and painted up some early WWII 1/72 models for Rate of Fire.

The models are from Pegasus. As usual with their sets, they went together easily and were an absolute joy to paint. They do not come with decals so I had to scrounge from my collection. Allied invasion stars were repainted as the red stars on the T-26es, thus the slightly weird appearance. Luckily, I have loads of balkenkreuz decals from my Flames of War days. One of these days, I should spend a few bucks on some red stars.

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