13 October 2019

More Painting - Heigh Ho!

Good morning! The Fall weather finally made its way to Savannah this week. It's been wonderful. I turned around some painting in the last week or so, most notably 28mm Dwarves. I picked 'em up on a whim, for Frostgrave or whatever else.

These five were finished up perhaps a month or so ago. I didn't want to take pics until they were all finished.

And these five were finished up yesterday. They're awaiting their bases. I only have three in the stash - more are in the mail.

The detail on these Essex miniatures is without a doubt, top 2% for solid-cast metal minis. The shields, chain mail, and cloak folds are just amazing. They sat primed for a long time as I tried to work out how I could do them justice. I hope I have - I'm very happy with the results. I tried out a black oil paint wash technique on these models that I saw over here: Nord's Painting Saga.

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