15 March 2012

This Week

Tore through the West German micro-armor this week, they are all done, that's a battalion of Leopards and a battalion of Marders, plus two Bo105s. By the by, the helicopters were a real adventure to assemble. "Adventure" was not my first choice of words. I put a thin acrylic disc under the rotor to hopefully increase the lifespan of said rotors. Got Jaguars, Gepards and miscellany on order to finish them off. Worked some more on the SBH board - poured the "water" into the creek.

I'm not going out for St. Patty's Day this weekend - I'm past all that. I will be getting in a game of Dystopian Wars on Saturday and hopefully a round of FoW on Sunday to tune up for Gnomecon which apparently will be run under 2nd edition rules. Yay! Battle Reports to follow this weekend!

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