10 March 2012

Those pictures...

Alright, here are some pictures of the board and some of the decorations. I'm doing that third building - it's still bare foamcore and balsa right now.

Wifey and I playtested the forces I had assembled for the con last evening. I'm glad we did - it was a heavily one-sided affair in favor of the Men, her Undead took quite a beating. I think the "Undead" trait may be a tad over-costed. I re-did the Undead force using Ganesha's online force-builder tool and tweaked it a bit so that the Undead have competitive Q and C scores. She really enjoyed the game so I imagine we'll be playtesting again soon.

I think the ongoing scenario for the con will be inspired by Army of Darkness, with the Undead attacking the village looking for the Necronomicon. I'll set it up for three or four waves of the walking dead. No 1973 Delta 88 tearing through Bad Ash's hordes though - that'll have to wait until next year.

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