18 November 2012


Drum roll please...
An actual post about actual toy soldiers, painting and shooting things.

I woke up at three o'clock this morning. Couldn't get back to sleep so I gave up trying at 3:30 and have been up since. I watched Act of Valor. Damn that was cool.

With my painting area clear and back to being "mine" I got a bit a scenery work done. Thing 1 is / was a tower I built at least three years ago for 40K. My kids have employed it as toy-soldier scenery in the interim.  I'm really surprised that it stood up to their abuse as well as it did. It was bare balsa and foam-core the entire time so I gave it a coat of paint and now it is rather presentable.

With a One-Armed Warlock for scale. This'll be quite useful for Infinity.

The yellow thing in the background is an LTO tape case. We go through a lot of backup tapes at work and I have thrown out a shit-ton of these things, but Friday I had a flash of brilliance and decided they'd make great modular, stackable buildings. I snagged the 16 we had. The yellow paint is what amounts to primer.

I'll certainly post pics when I've made some actual progress on those. They will be very good for creating lanes and blocks. When I think about how many I've pitched I just want to cry. I think my tech up at the hospital may have a bunch though, I need to find out.

My tanks did not show up yesterday. *weep*  I have this whole week off from work - so hopefully they show up tomorrow and I'll have something to keep me occupied for my vacation week.

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