28 November 2012

Is it too early?

So, 2013 will be here soon enough and since I'm on a self-imposed new toy soldier buying and painting ban (Christmas and all) I've been thinking about what is next. Now I say I'm on a buying ban but I have bought some Infinity and Urban War starter boxes for Junior and myself. They are all for Christmas and won't get played with or painted before then. Wifey has been asked to wrap my guys up for me. Both games are similar futuristic skirmish 28/30mm games. The Infinity models are just gorgeous while the Urban War game system seems a tad more friendly. Infinity's main rule book is also completely free - major bonus there. I'm really looking forward to painting up the guys and kicking the tires on both games.

Dennis and I both just picked up Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games - we're going to do that in 15mm. For now I'm just going to re-purpose my National Guardsmen or Greys but will probably add some man-sized robots to the Grey army. He's rather enjoyed the games of Flying Lead and Mutants and Monsters recently. MDRG is presented as a campaign-type game, much like Necromunda or Mordheim in a Gamma World setting. While we may give that a go, I imagine we'd play one-off games to start with.

OK then, shedloads of futuristic skirmish games for me then.

But I really do prefer mass-battle gigantic messes.

So what do I jump into in 2013? I'm seriously considering either 1/285 US Marines for Modern Spearhead or 1/600 1973 Arab-Israeli for MSH. I won't be venturing back to FoW. My Germans are gone and hopefully the Soviets will be joining them very soon. I've still got Rangers and a Mid-War German army. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. Maybe I can find someone local to take them off my hands. If anyone is interested, I'll provide pics - both are very well painted 1500+ point armies.

And on with some resolutions. I've got a month to get my act together. Here's what NEEDS to get done next  year (or hell, even in December!):
1) Paint the damned US Paratoopers and sell them.
2) Decide on a game to run at Gnomecon in April. On that note, my sister is getting married on April 20 so I'm only going to get one day (Sunday) at the Con.

And the list of things that will probably be on this same list next year:
1) Get more boats for Shipwreck
2) Paint the damned US Paratoopers and sell them.
3) Find some sucker to take all my FoW books off my hands for money.

Alright then, back to "work" for me. It's been really dead here this afternoon. No broken computers. No hovering boss. It would just take a low-ball of scotch and some World of Tanks to make things here perfect right now.

Good gaming ya'll! 

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