27 February 2013

Recently Painted

I never put up the pics of the Dutch mechanized battalion that I finished a few weeks ago, so here they are. The YPR765s have been proxied with Canadian Lynx APCs. The 765prats were proxied with M901s.

The whole battalion plus an F-16

Two 120mm mortars

3 AT platoons

The Falcon

They turned out nicely and will make a nice "filler" unit to help slow the Communist advance across Europe.

I also cranked out the spaceships in quick time.Two old-school Romulans from SFB and some others from ACTA: Noble Armada. The smaller Romulan has a seriously miscast engine which is kind of annoying but since the price was very good, I'll live. I do like painting sci-fi stuff like this, normal color palates go right out the window. Now you're saying - Ski, what's with the spaceships? Keep watching this... heh... space and you'll see!

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