11 February 2013

Shipwreck - A Delicious Engagement

Sunday afternoon some of us got together for a game of Shipwreck at Morningstar Games in Savannah. James brought the ships and a scenario. Also in attendance were Joe and Michael. Michael had not played before, he's the same guy I played SFB with last weekend.

Basic scenario setup - Present Day. Vietnamese ships have been conducting exercises near the Spratly Islands. Two transports and two escorts are being escorted by four Indian ships. China, who takes issue with the Vietnamese claim on the islands, in in the area to prevent Vietnam from reinforcing the islands.

We randomly determined who was who. I was dealt the Chinese, Joe got the Vietnamese and James got the Indians. Mike took three of the Chinese ships and I drove the other two. Our mission was to prevent the Vietnamese transports from exiting the area. 

Admiral Mike and I decided to steam as quickly as possible to the South edge of the area, where the Vietnamese ships would exit. I sent my helicopters out for recon. The Indians did the same, filling the skies with their helos.

The powerful Indian ship "Delhi" was pushing its way west the entire time to get close to the Vietnamese ships it was there to protect. The other three simply got in the way of international law, bringing shame to themselves.

Realizing that we would never catch the Vietnamese convoy, we formed a plan (P.L.A.N.?) to slow them down. Commander Michael released a full salvo of cruise missiles at the three treacherous Vietnamese ships we had detected with our high-quality radar systems. I positioned my ships threateningly, in case we needed to fire at the Indians.
The die next to the missile marker indicates the number of rockets. The center group has four. 

Joe looks on despondently as the rest of us laugh and take pictures of the fireworks.

As the rockets streak over the Indian troublemakers, they shoot a couple down. Curses!

From this...

To this, in a matter of moments! This is not working out! No matter - It only takes one hit to sink one of these scows.

These sneaky Vietnamese are a crafty lot. One of the transports explodes instantly but the other two targets are completely unharmed. A complaint will be filed with the missile factory. Apparently the workers are getting lazy. Apparently patriotism is lacking.

I decide to take matters into my own hands. Captain Mike is the apprentice, I shall show him how this is done! One of the Vietnamese escorts (Tarantul-class missile boat) breaks formation and heads towards my group. Apprentice-Commander Michael sends his ships west to put his guns to use. I have my destroyer launch eight rockets - four at the aggressive missile-boat and four at the surviving transport. We never got a detection on the remaining escort. The Tarantul fired four missiles at my group.

Indian and Chinese AA fire was very effective, knocking down all but one missile. The one that wasn't hit was targeted on the Tarantul - heheh. Fireball coming online!

The unthinkable. Another bad guidance chip. There will be hell to pay for this!

On the next turn, my frigate launches its four missiles at the transport, desperate for a kill. The Tarantul heads towards us and Junior Captain Michael closes the gap and gets within gun range with all of his vessels.

The filthy Indian ships again shoot down my cruise missiles. I do not understand why they insist on interfering. This is preposterous! 

Ensign Second-Class Michael had moved his ships in position to fire at the Vietnamese interloper. He sent a few ill-advises volleys over the masts of an Indian vessel.
The People's guns speak, sinking the Vietnamese vessel.

With that, we decided to let the other Vietnamese ships leave. We did not want to appear to be bloodthirsty savages. We are merciful and beneficent. A complaint will be filed at the UN over the actions of the Vietnamese and Indians.


Yeah, we simply could not catch up with the last two Vietnamese ships. We ended up with a draw. The Vietnamese got a minor victory. The Indians, well, who knows? The game was a hoot and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks again to James for supplying ships, etc.

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