03 March 2015

Dystopian Wars - Lunar Edition

Mike and I got together for a rather special game of Dystopian Wars on Sunday afternoon. We've both got Invader armies and needed a bit of experience with them before Gnomecon so we had a Venus (me) verus Mars (him) bash amidst a human settlement on the Moon! Two identical forces - something unheard of in DW - this would be interesting.

Our set-ups. I think the Martians underestimated the staying power of their Scarab and kept it way back, whereas I put mine front and center - 10 hull points, shields out the yinyang and repair -it's a centerpiece alright!

A Martian Sentinel moves from behind the hill. The Martians kept their Sentinels as separate squadrons - the Venusian commander paired his together in a single squadron where they could LINK fire their Energy Arcs together.

 Martian Predator bombers make a run at Sentinel ZZ99 with their Energy Arcs.

And wreck it in short order. GAH!

A cluster of Venusian dive bombers finish off a Martian Terror small walker.

AA from the Venusian Scarab finishes off a Predator while they make a bomb run and blast my other Sentinel with their Energy Arcs.

Green forces coalesce around the stranded Martian Sentinel. I'd already finished off the smaller Terrors.

The final picture from the action. Both Martian Sentinels are damaged severely. I had just lost my second one.

We wrapped up after four turns. Neither of us had achieved our goal but I was a bit closer having killed off all smalls and killing the two Sentinels during a conjectural next turn would have put me over 50%. Mike was a long way off from killing 70%, having nabbed only two Sentinels and one Terror.

Thoughts - the Invaders are AWESOME. They are ridiculously overpowered but a lot of fun and very characterful. Initially we had trouble damaging eachother's stuff but by turn two we were tearing stuff apart with relative ease. Invader weapons are tremendously deadly, particularly the Energy Arcs which link fire instead of combining. Death Rays are fun since they have Incendiary and Lethal, but don't get too nasty until Range Band 1 or 2.

It was a great lead-up battle to our Gnomecon participation game, this Saturday, which will feature the Invaders descending to Earth!

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