25 March 2015


Not much gaming going on lately. My weekends have been busy with other things. This weekend I'll be camping with the Cub Scouts. My wife and I may play a game Friday evening - it'll probably be AK47 Republic or Dystopian Wars. AK47 should be an easy sell - she kicked my ass last time. President Johnson has waited long enough for revenge on the MCC. Plus, the new tanks need a christening. I got an OH-6 Little Bird in the mail yesterday - I may also be able to get it ready too. I put it together last evening and have gotten it 80% painted.

My buddy David is now teasing WWII Micro Armor. Actually I think he wants to use Pico Armor. I'll have to see how far he gets but it's exactly what I don't need, another genre. Granted, I've been wanting to do a WWII army in 3 or 6mm. I'd rather do 6mm, since then they can do double duty with James' Mega Blitz. I've never done a British army in ANYTHING so perhaps this will be a first for me.

You be well and I'll be sure to post a bat rep for whatever we play Friday.

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