25 May 2015

Memorial Day - Check Your 6 Jet Age

The little Memorial Day get-together went well yesterday, with the minor distraction of Morningstar's air conditioning unit breaking down on Friday evening. To say it was stifling would be appropriate. It did give us an authentic Vietnam and Iraq feel for our games of CY6JA though.

Our first game was "Galore" from the CY6JA MRB. James and I were the only two at the table who had played before so there was a bit of explanation then it was on to the flying. The Americans, in four F-4Ds, were represented by Mike, Chris, David and the split team of Alan and Daly (when Alan had to bow out to host the FoW event). James and I each drove a MiG-19 and Carson (Chris' son) flew the pair of MiGs that start in the middle of the table.

Most of our players...

The initial setup. Carson's two MiGs circled in red, Mike had the maroon F-4, David the light blue one. Chris flew the black and Alan / Daly in the orange.

James (red) and I enter the battlefield. James had the +1 skill pilot on our side.

Carson uses one of his Migs as a distraction for the orange/black flight and sends the green one back around to help James and me with maroon/blue. During these early turns, Alan and Chris fired seven Falcons and Sparrows at Carson's planes and actually got two hits. Both hits were saved by incredible robustness rolls.

Somehow, James and I let David and Mike past us. James and I weren't really coordinating our maneuvers but were still very much in synch. Carson's green Mig is following us. You can see that David had slowed to "1" so we knew exactly where he'd be next turn.

Captain distraction gets past his two charges, remaining in the air.

James and I get decent position on David's plane but he was diving and we were too high to get him. Daly, now driving the orange Phantom, loosed his last Falcon at my plane but it missed like so many others that day. Black and Orange were both out of missiles and none of the American planes had guns. They had to head back to base.

At long last, Carson and James both get terrific opportunities and fire their cannons at the hapless American plane.

The pilot ejects safely but the RIO was killed.

A dramatic chase followed whereby Carson's black/green Mig played rabbit to Mike's fox and I played hound to Mike's fox! Carson kept diving, keeping Mike frustrated because he was too far below Mike to be targeted by a missile. I managed to loose two Atolls at Mike, both of which missed, but at least I got the shots off!

After another turn or two, we called it. A solid victory for the People's Republic and a bad day for the USAF.


We played a second game after moving to a slightly cooler part of the game room (next to a couple of fans). The scenario was "Foxbat Furball" from the Yahoo Groups files section. Mike and new player Robert too the Iraqui MiG-25s while David and I took the F-15s.

I drove the yellow plane, David in blue. Robert was flying the green and Mike's plane which hadn't shown up yet was in the red one. Robert stayed very low, on the deck while David and I had to dive down to get him. Being so low saved him at least twice against our Sparrows. We all hovered around speed 5 for maximum maneuverability. I also managed to miss what would have been an easy Sidewinder shot, except that the "up sun" penalty kicked in and it missed badly.

I get a good position on the Foxbat for an easy kill and fire. I rolled a lousy "3" on 2d6 and miss. GAAAAAH!

David nails him with a Sidewinder and causes airframe damage. I fired two Sparrows at Mike's distant plane, but both missed. More crucially, Mike fired at least one AA-6 at me. I took evasive action and the missiles both missed.

The evasive action put me in a terrible spot and Mike was able to capitalize. At the same time, David hit Robert's plane with another missile, for engine damage this time! Are you serious! Luckiest man in Iraq right there. My F-15 came apart as the two AA-8s impacted.

They flew around a bit longer but we called it after a few turns. The Iraqi Air Force had its greatest victory and I was shamed before my peers.

Two losses for the Americans this Memorial Day weekend. Ah well, maybe next time. Everyone who played CY6 really enjoyed it and it generated a lot of interest from passersby. During the day, we came up with a great idea for a Gnomecon set-piece but it is going to be top-secret for the time being.Later in the evening, Mike and David came over to my place for the second chapter of the Star Fleet Battles game we played a month and a half ago, but that's another AAR...

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