03 May 2015

Weekend Update

No gaming this weekend - we were / are busy with other things. I did make some painting progress yesterday on more of those fabulous orange DW ships.

I mentioned going down the WW2 micro-armor rabbit-hole a few posts back. I found some rather inexpensive basing material on Amazon a couple weeks ago which showed up yesterday.

Boom! 175 1 x 1 x 1/8 plastic squares for about $8.00. Not shabby. They are made of hard plastic.

A 6mm M48 Patton for size reference.

And a 15mm dude. You can see that the tiles have a bit of a lip around the edge. I sanded that down to be a bit less obtrusive. The lip may actually end up being a nice little "frame" on the finished minis. Time will tell. Flock covers everything.

I dug these up a couple of weeks ago.
If anyone wants them for the cost of shipping only, let me know. They are in very good condition. I do not know where the third book (army lists and unit stats) is.

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