07 June 2015

Quick painting update

Knocked out a few more things yesterday. First are some 6mm WW2 guys.

Some prime movers for the Germans and two Stuarts and an M10 for the Canadians. I also did 7 Universal Carriers and 2 Kubelwagens in this batch but they were left off their bases, pending the completion of their accompanying infantry.

And secondly, some SRS (space fighters) for Firestorm.

The FSA Cruisers are in progress and will likely be done by the end of the week.

I'm dragging the fam down to Jacksonville for Rapier Game Con next weekend so it'll be lots of games and geekiness for all! I'll do my best to take lots of pictures.


  1. Hello, been going through your AAR rich blog, great stuff.
    When are you gonna get this pretty micro-armor dirty? Will you use MSH for WWII as well?

    1. The micro armor is intended for ghq's micro armor game, but I'm sure it'll be used for SH and others in time! I have a few more things to paint before game-time. Should be soon though. Thanks for giving it a look.