24 June 2015

Recenlty Painted - More Micro Armor (Jobs Done!)

I finished up the last nine stands of infantry for my WW2 project yesterday. Now I need to find some time to play! I think Zig and I'll be trying out FSA Saturday, so these guys probably won't get blooded for a few weeks at least.

This lot finishes off the Canadian contingent. There's a mortar, HMG section, command stands, and an engineer in there.

Next up are some very old Games Workshop Space Marine (Epic) minis that I got from James a few weeks ago at Rapier. They'll be worked into three armies for StarDust: Ground. I have Space Marines, Space Orks and Squats. I always envisaged SDG as a multi-scale game and these guys give me the opportunity to test the system out for 6mm. Sure, I could have used my moderns or even the WW2 guys above, but where's the fun in that?

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