04 July 2015

Recently Painted - More Spaceships

I've been painting spaceships and epic space marines and orks this week. The spaceships edged out the little guys for time and got done first. Here are four Xelocian frigates for Firestorm Armada.

These ships have such a cool profile - they're like little pistols of doom! The "Bullet Bill" eye on the front was pretty much unavoidable. I love it. It gives them a lot of character. They nearly got WWII-style shark mouths on the sides too.

The original "Bullet Bill" thanks to Nintendo Corporation.

I went an entirely different painting direction with these ships - the Tarakians are very clean and to some degree experimental. I used no black, no washes and no metallics on them. These Xelocians on the other hand are dirty, chipped-up and well-used. They're meant to look battle-worn and 20 years old.

The other pictures don't show the metallic blue very well

These frigates may not have been the "power" choice as an ally for the Tarakians, but they certainly are the "sexy" choice. They'll be a fun little addition. And if they don't work out, the next ships I post are certainly a heavy-duty "power" choice as allies go. They should be done later today or tomorrow.

Happy 4th, fellow Americans, be safe and enjoy the day!


  1. They do look cool. Where do you get your bases from, or are they home made? Very effective, I think.

    1. They're the standard bases that Spartan provides with their models. They are actually manufactured by Litko (litko.net) in the US who make a bewildering assortment of acrylic things for gamers - including flight stands.