06 March 2016

Gnomeward Bound (2016)

The last two days I've spent at Gnomecon - Savannah's very own little Gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Geekery convention. My family and I had a terrific time and I think I've officially made up for lost gaming time caused by work recently.

Friday a ran my game Star Dust: Ground. I was again relegated to "the wargames room" far from the main area, but it was quite OK since we didn't really have to "mind our manners."

Mark grins while pushing the Dogs toward the bridge into our village. Wayne (right) was my teammate.

Much like the last time through this scenario, the Dogs have little trouble crossing the bridge.

Turn SEVEN was the first turn of clear visibility!

This kind of sums things up - my AA vehicle is pulled apart by the two Predators.

A solid victory for the Dogs and a statistically insane ONE turn of clear visibility over the course of nine turns. 50% chance each turn...   : /

After that, I packed my stuff and me and the fam watched an Odd Lot show - they're a local improv troupe . Their show's a lot like Who's Line is It Anyway? We enjoyed it immensely.

When they'd wrapped, about 11:00pm, we settled into a game of Shadows over Camelot. David and his son showed up so we had a bonkers 7-player game. 

The girl who was teaching us to play was the only one who saw me take this picture... Four of the knights (me, David, Christian and Kylie, our teacher) died but we did manage to win the game and stop Camelot from falling! We finished around 1:00am or so. Off to Nod...

On Saturday, Cameron and I arrived at 9:30am for a King of Tokyo tournament. He and I played SUPER aggressive and died quickly. We played another round, then a game of King of New York. From there it was on to a seven-player game of DUNGEON with some family friends. Our friend Justine won as we had to end the game a bit early since they were short on time. She'd managed 65% of her goal. I died twice.  :(

Then it was onto Star Fleet Battles! This has been a highlight of Gnomecon for me and this year's was no exception.

Mike used Cadet Rules and had it set up with a Fed CA and a Gorn CA versus a Klingon D7 and two Romulan KRs. The Fed/Gorn team gets a decoy they can deploy during the game. 

I got a Romulan, Mark (from the previous SDG pic) got the Klingon and his brother (a different Mike), the other Rom. Gamemaster Mike took the Fed and James captained the Gorn.

Our formation. Me in the lead (they made me boss since I'm the most experienced). The green one is the Klingon.

Our prey. Our first plan was gang up on the Gorn.

But as things wore on, the Fed was the better target more often than not and suffered appropriately. Big badda boom.

We played on a bit more after this but it was a foregone conclusion. Coalition win! In all fairness, Mark's D7 was pretty messed up and my ship had taken a good bit of damage. The Gorn and the other Romulan were in great shape.

After that, it was on to HOTT with James!

In game one, my Farm Animals were attacking his brand-new Pirate army. That river across the center of the battlefield was complete bullcrap, and my Behemoth General Bessie the Cow would know!

Something you don't see everyday.

Once Bill Grogan's goat (Blades) crossed the river, it went haywire and slaughtered Pirates in a terrifying display. I won, 12-11.

Next up....

My Narnians were attacking the Dinosaurs this time. The terrain was still cripe.

But Beasts don't care! They're always fast.

Gorgor, the Dino King!

Gorgor and King Peter face off, but neither could gain an advantage.

Dino herding. I'd eventually force it off the edge of the table for the win!

Next game... X-Wing. 8-players.

We used low-end craft so it wasn't tough to manage.

My two 13-point TIE fighters. My buddy's Interceptor got too far ahead and was killed quickly.

 A epic bad pair of dice rolls.

The next rolls. Wow.

TIE #17 is the last Imperial craft on the table. I spin it around to fight no fewer than FIVE X and E-wings. Glory!

I hit two of them before becoming a memory. It was a terrific time for everyone and for a few minutes, my crummy TIE fighter game Rogue Squadron all they could handle!

Gnomecon V was a great time. My family had a wonderful time... it was just great all around. Can't wait 'til next time!

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  1. "Bill Grogan's goat
    was feeling fine
    Ate a slew of pyrates
    in record time!"