26 April 2016

Like Onions... But Bigger and With More Guns


Mike, David and I played some very old-school Ogre / GEV last Sunday in Brunswick. Two of our Star Fleet Battles players dropped so rather than screw up the SFB scenario, we switched games entirely and played a different hex and counter system that's quite Pizza Hut-friendly.

It'd been a really long time since I played Ogre so there was a 5-minute wake-up period for me. We played the Raid scenario with Ogres on each side - a Mk IV for Mike the attacker, a Mk. V for David defending and I would handle the small stuff reinforcements.

The Combine vandals wreck a bridge.

That gigantic stack of GEVs would soon get shot at. If you remember anything about Ogre, there's a thing called "spillover fire" which affects everything else in the target's hex.

 My Spillover Fire roll. 3 @ 6. All I could do was laugh - that is some crazy dice rolling.

Mike's shirt sums it up nicely.

The tide starts turning and the Combine forces begin falling back and the Pan Euros arrive en masse.

So, game one was a solid Pan Euro (defender) victory. Mike's dice were as terrible as I've ever seen and mine and David's dice were very good. We decided to play another.

This time, David played the attacker, I used the defending Mk V and Mike handled the reinforcements. David put his entire force on the town side. My Ogre, Angry Bird Yellow, caught his GEVs trying to cross the lake. Sadness ensued for the GEVs. The Mk.IV pounded the hell out of the towns though with its rockets.

A couple of fortunate reinforcement arrivals begin to put a little pressure on David's Ogre.

If a Mk IV is good for anything, it's running away. It did, and got away.

Another defender win. On the ride home, David and I discussed the victory conditions and decided that the attacker must work on the Mk V right off the bat to have any prayer of winning. We'll test that theory next time.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon of tanks and dice. Looking forward to the next!

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  1. FUN..FUN..FUN.. Looking forward to play some
    CAR WARS!!!