16 April 2016

Wing of Glory (Space Edition)

The Fam and I played a quick intro game of Wings of Glory WW2 this evening. We each took one of the four planes that were included in the starter bundle I got. Junior took the Spitfire, Cameron the Ki-84, my bride the FW190 and I was left the Mustang. Suits me fine, I'm a Mustang fan.

We rather amusingly played our game on our X-Wing space mat since it's conveniently 36" x 36" - perfect for WOG.

It was Axis vs. Allies and we deployed in opposite corners... we pick up mid-action

My wife's '190 chasing me down.

My silver beauty.

Little brother bests big brother! The Spitfire crashes into Hoth! Score one for the Axis.

My teammate had a TERRIBLE draw of damage chits.

Oh yes... akakakakak!

But a few moves later, I was caught between both baddies and bought the farm!

Mid game, this rotten animal thought it was a great idea to abscond with a dropped range ruler. Damage was thankfully minor.

First dadgummed game and already a chewed component. Gah!

We all had fun, Junior a bit less so.  My wife rather enjoyed it, so that's a nice bonus! I've got four more planes on order - this one will be seeing more table time for sure. I really should order a mat a bit more period-appropriate now.

Be well and good gaming!

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  1. You came off light, one of my dogs ate one of my planes. Teeth marks in movement cards, bite out of the base and one wheel gone. Eventually repaired model, but I don't know what it is about Wings of Glory that attracts canines.