16 October 2016

Back to Normal

Hurricane Matthew is now a memory and it's on to normality for a little while here. I got a bit of painting done Saturday, finishing up a couple of Steampunk characters. The first is Master Queeg, a Malifaux model who I thought would make a fine "Indiana Jones" type. The other is just a neat Reaper Aquanaut who I thought would be an interesting addition to the collection.

A couple of weekends ago David came by to help playtest Rubber and Lead, my destructive car racing game. Junior also joined in the automotive mayhem.

David is a miserable driver. Here he is clipping Junior moments after the race started.

A bit later, Junior serves up a bit of revenge by dropping some mines right in front of Dave's truck. My yellow car had just been taken out by David's side-mounted flamethrower.

 Race 2. I drew the blue milk truck. Junior got Copper Top and ran away with it.

Witness more suspect driving by David, whipping right in front of my truck. His car took a ton of damage from the ensuing wreck. Junior won the race easily as David and I couldn't get out of our own ways.

Race 3. I drew the Jack O Lantern. David was in the convertible. Junior again schooled us. David tried to drive fancy and got me all hemmed up.

There was much oil on the track in race 3. It made for a very aggravating race for we in the back.

The R&L playtest was very successful and well-received. I'm extremely happy with the way it works and it will definitely get playtime at Gnomecon in March.

Last evening, Zig and David came over for a big game of X-Wing. We each used 120-point forces. I used Imperials, Ziggy the Rebels and David was the Scum and Villainy group.

Our deployments.

 The Imperials.

The Rebels.
And the Crooks.

We had quite a brawl for a couple of turns but my ships zipped and crashed stupidly. But then my Punisher got it's act together and dropped this beauty of a Seismic Charge, clipping itself and the entire Rebel group. Kath Scarlett and Boba Fett dueled in their Firesprays.

A second very-well placed Seismic Charge hits four more targets on the next turn. David and Ziggy were officially sick to death of my bombs. Kath finished off Boba Fett's Slave 1. Huzzah!

And a turn or two later, Valen Rudor snaps off the last couple of hit points from Dash Rendar's YT-2400. The Imperials score a major win, woohoo! I'm still in love with the TIE Punisher. It's "The bomb."

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