27 October 2016


It's no Thousand-Acre Wood, but it's a start. I found some appropriate-for-6mm trees at Joanne's Fabric and Craft store last weekend. They were 40% off, so eight trees per bag for $4.19 per bag was a deal too good to pass on.

48 Trees. Two wildly different shapes.

A bit of green spray paint and some flock on the bases and there you have it! My 6mm tree collection doubled in size for less than $30.00 and maybe an hour's worth of labor.

I think it's Dystopian Wars Saturday. Zig has finished his Polish land force and will be giving them a try. Should be interesting.


  1. Hey where is this place? I might want to get some myself.

    1. Over near Bed Bath and Beyond and Toys R Us, James.