04 May 2017

Rubber and Lead - Status Update

Just a quick status update post. 

I am actively working on re-writing the rules to Rubber and Lead. Much has been added since March when it got a thorough workout at Gnomecon. I have completely overhauled the movement templates since the first iterations. There are a few entirely new mechanisms that quite honestly turn the game up to 11. I know there are a few people who peek at the blog occasionally for R&L info and this is just one of those "yes, yes, I'm working on it" posts.

At my geeky gamer heart, I'm a perfectionist. I had this talk with Mike a few weeks ago. Mike has played more games than I ever will and I value his opinion more than probably anyone else's. He's of the opinion that I should publish and let the public playtest it for me. Hell, GW and Spartan sure as hell operate that way. He says what I've done with StarDust and StarDust: Ground are more comprehensive and sensical than most the rules he's ever paid for. With StarDust and SD:G it's thorough playtesting and contingencies that I struggle to account for in the rules; in R&L it's making sure I've remembered to put everything in. I know SD and SDG will invariably leave some situation unexplained. With R&L, I can't abide that - cars zipping around a track is a simple, universal concept anyone can get behind. With the comparatively limited scope, it must be perfect.

Is that too much to ask of oneself?😁

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