21 May 2017

X-Wing Saturday

We had a rather entertaining session of X-Wing Saturday evening. Ziggy has slowly been collecting Imperial forces and wanted to give them a whirl. I was more than happy to oblige. Junior got in too, with 100 points of Scum.


Early on, the Defenders and IG-88 mix it up.

By this time, Zig had lost Mauler Mithel and Junior lost IG-88. We were quite sick to death of the cheesed-out Defenders. Here, my YT-2400 and Luke get one pinned. It would be destroyed shortly.

The Houndstooth gets friendly with the YT.

A few turns on, it was down to the two big ships. I killed the Houndstooth, but Bossk escaped in the Nashtah Pup!

Bossk easily finishes off Leebo's freighter (I was down to one hull point). The Kid gets a win! Perhaps using ten flight pegs is good luck? Good game guys!

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