25 August 2017

Well Dang!

Apparently Spartan Games is closing up shop. I've enjoyed Dystopian Wars for many years and Firestorm Armada / Planetfall more recently. Announcement Here.

It's sad, but this sort of thing happens. The original WarZone suffered a similar fate and really stung for me. FASA's Crimson Skies was a terrific airplane shoot-em-up that had a short run.

I'm sure Zig, Mike, David and I will continue to play. The games fit good niches and we've got enough stuff for a lifetime. That said, I did just order a Firestorm Armada box from Amazon - some ships I've had my eye on and just never picked up.

I'm feeling GREAT about having downloaded Firestorm Taskforce and Dystopian Wars Fleet Action, both faster-play rules for the flagship games, within the last few days. Having perused the rulebooks and Orbats, they're solid and will certainly get table time.

Farewell, Spartan. Your games were a blast, your models terrific and your customer service exemplary.


  1. A sad new, but not really a surprising one. Anyway, I'm glad to have all their major download about FSA and DW. Ironically it will be also the opportunity to get other factions at lesser cost from retailer.
    Quick question : have you ever think about using another rule for DW? Iwant to try something else but have no clue about a specific rule allowing Oversize vehicle with some detailed damage system...

    1. Many of the US online resellers stocks of Spartan product got hit hard yesterday. I picked up a Ryushi main fleet for FSA while I still could.

      My son was telling me to create a naval Star Dust game last week - he called it Star Dust Marine. I laughed it off, but maybe I should spend some time thinking about it?

      As far as other Steampunk games go, I have Aeronef and Land Ironclads - haven't played either yet, but they are complete systems that would suit themselves to DW minis.

  2. That's a shame. Never nice to see someone go out of business.